The Bold New Infrared Fitness Frontier

Posted November 4, 2019

In fitness new things are always being introduced to the marketplace. .  These new products and services range from exercise machines to supplements, workouts, apps, gadgets, etc.  Some of these things last but most disappear as fast as they are introduced.  We’ve all seen those “miracle” fitness gadgets on tv infomercials and home shopping networks. 

Unfortunately, most people look for shortcuts that reduce effort.  They go for the shiny object only to discard it when there are no results.  Let’s face the music.  Our bodies are meant to move, meaning work, in order to gain and maintain muscle.  There are ways to make working out more time efficient, though, but the body work has to be done to achieve a desired level of fitness.  It’s called working out for a reason.  There is no way around the work. 

I’ll say it again, the work has to be done!

That said, however, is there a way that we can make the most out of the time and work we put in for training?  Yes, there is…

Enter the “Bold New Infrared Fitness Frontier”.

Through the clutter of the gadgets and fitness fads, technological breakthroughs do happen creating permanent shifts in the paradigm of fitness training.  A shift in the way we view the quality of a workout room is now happening.

It has only happened twice in the history of fitness.  I am talking about an epic change to the workout room or studio environment.  The first time it happened was in the early 70’s with the introduction of the heated (with no infrared) studio for yoga as a way to gain more flexibility and detox to the body.  This led to a revolution in the way that people practiced the ancient art. 

The second time it happened was with the invention of the HOTWORX infrared workout sauna in 2014.  After a year in development, HOTWORX introduced the now patented infrared workout sauna for isometrics in 2015 at a franchise expo in New York City.  This was a significant moment in the history of fitness innovation.  For the first time, there was a way to provide hot yoga with infrared energy.  This was a leap forward in fitness technology enabling clients to reap the benefits of infrared energy absorption (due to the precise proximity of the body to the infrared source) while working out, as opposed to just taking a sauna after a workout. 

This evolved method now allows users to gain the benefits of an infrared sauna and a workout at the same time.

HOTWORX introduced many different workouts for the infrared sauna going well beyond hot yoga.  For the first time, hot isometrics was introduced including pilates, and other forms of athletic isometrics.  Additionally, HOTWORX developed High intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts for the infrared sauna.   Currently there are 10 different workout types offered through the HOTWORX 3D Training Method, expanding well beyond just the hot yoga of the past and combining infrared energy for more than just a hot workout like that of the past.

Infrared opens the fitness world to a new workout dimension.  A new frontier has been discovered. 

The Bold New Infrared Fitness Frontier has changed the landscape of working out forever.

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of the HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
Certified Professional Trainer