HOTWORX Infrared Workout Sauna is Now Patented

Posted July 1, 2019

Bullhorn announcement!

Four and a half years ago HOTWORX filed for a patent and subsequently filed for another patent in an effort to protect the innovative sauna design and function.  Copycats, or design thieves as I like to call them, can now beware.  I am very pleased to announce that as of June 10 we were approved for our design patent!  After multiple lawyers and many, many hours and days of work, toil and anxiety we finally were granted what is probably the most important piece of our patent puzzle, a patent for the sauna design.  After years of patent pending status, it is nice that we can now say that the HOTWORX workout sauna is patented.  The official title of the invention as applied for and approved is:

Infrared Sauna For Isometric Exercise

When I set out to design the HOTWORX infrared workout sauna I can remember sitting in our war room at the office for hours thinking through all of the variables that needed to be considered.

Such as:

The design of an infrared sauna for workouts was critical so that the correct absorption of infrared can be obtained by the clients.  The design had to take into account workout postures and client positioning from all angles during any workout.  The configuration of the heaters and how they should be mounted and where they should be mounted along with what should be the most effective distance between clients and the source of infrared is a very important thing that must be precise. 

I had to make a decision on where to place the tv monitor, and one of the most important design elements was to make the back wall (opposite of the wall with the tv monitor) completely free from the mounting of any heaters, while making sure that the sauna room was still properly filled with the right type of infrared heat at the right place for up to three clients at any given time during the workout.  By design and in practice, the back wall is constantly used during the workouts as a tool for exercise for certain isometrics such as calf raise, wall sit for quads, and as a place for hands to use as an aid in balance for other types of postures and exercise movements and holds.  This is why the back wall needed to be free from anything that could restrict client movements into various isometrics, and free from anything that might reduce the quality of the workouts.

The entry of the sauna was created as a glass sliding door for convenience so that people walking through a workout area full of saunas would not be impaired from movement due to sauna doors that were constantly swinging out into the hallways.  This new sauna entry design also allowed for less square footage needed in the fitness studio floor plan.  The traditional sauna door that swings out requires the need for three extra feet of hall width to pass most building codes. 

There are many other elements of the HOTWORX sauna design that I will save for a later discussion.  The important thing to know is that the patented design of the HOTWORX sauna accommodates for three clients to achieve the perfect hot exercise session!

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of HOTWORX
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