An Infrared Exercise Story

Posted January 13, 2020

As a former NPC National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion, I can tell you that paying attention to every training routine detail makes the difference between winning and losing the title. Even after an athletic career, paying attention to how you train for fitness can have a huge impact on your quality of life. Recently, I have been listening to stories from athletes, and former athletes who are using HOTWORX infrared workouts to enhance their competition training routines and their post-career fitness activities. One such story really grabbed my attention last summer.

Pat McAfee, a football and professional wrestling analyst and former NFL punter for the Indianapolis Colts, has a very entertaining video podcast, The Pat McAfee Show. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a raw and funny take on sports. One day at my office I overheard people talking about the Pat McAfee podcast and discussing how he was talking about HOTWORX on his show. Apparently his girlfriend had become a member of the HOTWORX franchise location in Indianapolis and he was working out with her at that studio.

On this particular podcast he spent about 12 minutes talking specifically about his experience at HOTWORX with his girlfriend who he refers to as “my lady”. He starts by saying, “I’ve found something…that has completely changed my life.”

He goes on to say…

“My lady has found this gem of a workout place, it’s a hot sauna workout place. The place is called HOTWORX with an X, great name! I’m addicted to this thing. It’s changed my life in three days.”

While inside of the infrared workout sauna, he says, “…there’s a tv screen, and the instructors, badasses, by-the-way.”

“I got two fifteen minute workouts this morning, I feel like I ran a marathon.” “Sam and I go and we’re in the cycling room together…” “My lady loves this place, I absolutely get it.”

“I don’t give a lot of free love to a lot of people.  This sauna workout thing is doing it, it scratches me directly where I itch”

“I’m addicted though, I’m gonna go back tonight”

Subscribe to the Pat McAfee youtube channel, and if you want to watch the show I just mentioned you can go to:

If it’s “doing it” for pro athletes, then maybe you should try adding infrared training to your fitness routine in 2020!

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

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