3D Training for Better Workout Results

Posted March 25, 2019

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EXERCISE + HEAT + INFRARED ENERGY = MORE WORKOUT, LESS TIME…. When heat and infrared energy are layered in with your workouts like the video illustrates, the effectiveness of your training elevates.  We call this 3D Training.

Three Dimensional Training was developed by HOTWORX to shorten the time that is necessary to achieve the desired workout results of calorie burn, strength and toning, and detox.  The 3D Training Method involves the fusion of three elements including (1) exercise for body movement, (2) heat to force body acclimation to a new workout environment, and (3) infrared energy to activate metabolism for detox and muscle recovery.  You can better visualize this fusion dynamic by looking at the image below:

HOTWORX discovered that there are two types of exercise that are most effective when practiced in a proper infrared setting such as a sauna where the source of the infrared is located in a precise proximity to the human body.  HOTWORX designed a sauna for this purpose and currently has two patents pending for the invention of the small group training infrared sauna.  These two types of workouts are isometrics and high intensity interval training, or HIIT.

Isometrics such as yoga and pilates force internal organ and muscle compression through static posture holds whereby accelerating detox with the increased circulation of blood.  This is felt as a rush when the compression postures are released.  The original HOTWORX workout known as Hot ISO uses a 30 minute posture sequence that is based on a more athletic set of holds such as the wall sit.

HOTWORX HIIT for 15 minutes in the group training infrared sauna at 125º F provides for a superior lower body burn and cardio torch in a Hot Cycle session.  Clients can gain a total body torch with a new workout called Hot Blast that uses Total Body Trainer equipment from Keiser (a combination bike for lower body and upper body push and pull bars).

With exercise as the sauna practice rather than the traditional practice of sitting or laying in the sauna, the elements of heat and infrared energy become even more profound and effective as the metabolism revs up during the quick workouts.  The results of these sessions can be seen each time a customer shares their workout results on social media from their use of the HOTWORX Burn Off App.  This app allows the user to record the calorie burn (automatically with Apple Watch and Fitbit) so long as their fitness device (any device of their choosing) has a heart rate sensor.  They are able to record their workout results, back-to-back if there are multiple session, and then the one hour calorie after burn.  Here is an example of a customer share on Instagram:

In this real life example, and according to the HOTWORX Burn Off App integrated with the fitness tracker that she trusts, the customer burned 309 calories during her workout and over 400 in the immediate one hour after her workout as her metabolism was still in high gear from her 3D Training experience for that day.

Pro athletes have been training in alternative environments to gain an edge forever.  Think of the MMA fighters who go to the high altitudes of Big Bear Lake, CA.  Most of us have seen the Rocky movie where he trains in the snow of a Russian winter.  As an athlete, I remember my own two-a-day football practices in August in Mississippi in the sweltering heat and humidity in the team efforts to gain conditioning for the weekly night games in the fall.

Take your workouts from black and white to full color!  Try a 3D Training routine.

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of the HOTWORX
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