The fourth article in a five part spotlight series featuring this year’s HOTWORX Virtual Instructors…


Hometown: Taberg, New York

What makes me unique is I am a very outgoing, positive, enthusiastic go-getter. I love anything that has to do with health, fitness, and personal growth. I enjoy challenges that push me outside my comfort zone and I believe this competition will definitely do so! I have been a competitive equestrian since I was two years old and have been doing yoga since I was nine. Yoga and health are so important to me especially after I broke my back in 2010 and was able to recover and heal extremely fast with no residual pain. Thanks to a committed practice of health and yoga! Recently I developed my Be Your Best Self Workshops that promote young women and adults to shine from within through healthy living, daily exercise, and positive mind body and soul connection. Making a difference and having a positive impact on others is what sets my soul on fire.

What motivated you to become a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor?
I absolutely love the whole set up of HOTWORX and it’s community of people. Last year I was blessed with the opportunity to be a Virtual Instructor and would really like to up the game this time around by challenging myself and those who step into the HOTWORX sauna to Earn The Burn!!!!

How was your very first HOTWORX session? Describe the experience.
To this day I can still remember my very first step in the HOTWORX sauna- the step that got me hooked forever! Besides the insane amount of sweat and toxins being released, my favorite part was the challenge to earn the burn and definitely feeling all my muscles being used afterwards. I was also so surprised on how much further I could go in my yoga poses from the help of the infrared heat!!!

What’s your favorite Isometric posture? Why?
I love them all!! But my favorite has to be warrior 3 and half moon because they really challenge my balance and focus.

Which Isometric posture is the most difficult for you? Why?
Warrior Plank!!! That is the most challenging pose for me to stay in and to stay balanced. However I do love a good challenge and something to work towards…warrior plank is definitely it.

What has been the most rewarding part of being a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor?
The ability to inspire and motivate so many people all over the world and encourage them on their health and fitness journey. Knowing I am right with them one plank at a time!! I am forever grateful to be a part of the HOTWORX community.

Can you share a Fun Fact with us?
I have been riding horses and showing competitively since the age of two, earning 17 World and Reserve World Championships.

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Released December 2, 2018