HOTWORX recently announced a 1,000 Club Challenge for its franchise locations with a new incentive and performance giveaway and it’s off to the races!

The first HOTWORX studio location that reaches 1,000 members at a certain level of membership dues for 4 consecutive months will win a Jeep Wrangler complete with the signature “HOT O” logo. The Jeep is currently owned by Stephen P. Smith, CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, who will personally drive the Jeep to the winning studio from our world headquarters in New Orleans, LA and hand over the keys to the Franchisee of the winning location!

In a past HOTWORX blog post discussing incentives, Smith mentioned a book he read while in graduate school for organizational management. He shared, “The first sentence of the book went something like this… ‘The most important four letter word in business is G-O-A-L.’ Without a doubt, setting a believable and achievable goal is the single most important motivator in business.”

We believe HOTWORX offers an ideal workout program that allows members to achieve their fitness goals with 24-hour access to 30-minute Isometric and 15-minute High Intensity Interval Training sessions inside our patented infrared saunas. The 1,000 Club Challenge and Jeep Giveaway incentive will motivate the HOTWORX Franchisees, General Managers, and studio staff to introduce our concept of 3D Training to as many people in their local communities as possible, while also maintaining a level of exceptional customer service. We invite HOTWORX members across the United States to support their studio by helping to share their HOTWORX story with friends and family and encourage them to tour the studio and experience their first virtually instructed infrared sauna workout…be on the lookout because you just may see the Jeep Wrangler at your HOTWORX studio in the very near future!

Released September 13, 2020