The Truth About Body Toxins

Posted August 5, 2019

First of all, let’s clear the air when it comes to the way we throw around the term toxins.  Most people use the word toxins to describe all toxic substances.  This is wrong.  There are two forms of toxic substances, toxins and toxicants.  The word “toxin” should only be used in describing natural forms and “toxicant” should be used to describe non-natural sources.

To be super clear, as a matter of reference it should be noted that toxins originate from natural sources such as poison from a plant or venom from an animal, and toxicants are from man-made sources such as petroleum exhaust and pesticides.  There is a great deal of confusion on what constitutes a toxin.  Most people erroneously tend to apply the term toxins to all bodily pollutants.

Unfortunately for all of us our bodies are bombarded daily with toxic substances, mostly of the toxicant variety.  We are invaded through our skin, eyes, nose, and mouth by pollution we breath and poisons we touch or that make contact through bodily orifices.  Pollution is everywhere on our planet.  Extended buildup of toxic wastes by the body causes damage to DNA resulting in premature aging from tissue and organ degeneration.  Toxic buildup also poisons enzymes and can lead to failure of countless bodily functions.  Toxic buildup displaces structural minerals such as calcium which leads to decreased bone strength. It is because of this that more and more of us are beginning to practice some form of a body detox program. 

The HOTWORX training method is an excellent choice for a regular detox program.  HOTWORX  uses a three dimensional approach known to the company as 3D Training.  3D Training incorporates three elements including exercise, infrared energy and heat.  This combination allows for what is quite possibly the most effective detox workout in the fitness industry.

Your body retains both toxins and toxicants in fat cells and other fatty organs such as the brain.

Note:  If there is no fat you can’t store toxins, so keep exercising and eating clean! 

Additionally, know that infrared exposure makes the fat soluble toxic waste removal from cells a more efficient process. This explains why so many doctors use infrared sauna therapy to help patients eliminate toxic wastes from fat cells.

Now, add exercise with infrared sauna exposure and you can just imagine the acceleration of the detoxification process through improved circulation, breakdown of cellular fat, and through amped up sweating!  Increased circulation is promoted from a series of isometric compression postures.  When a posture such as the eagle pose in yoga is performed for an extended hold, then upon release from the isometric you can actually feel the rush of blood circulation pumping through your cardiovascular system.  Of course, during the workout infrared energy is breaking down the fat in your cells to ready them for disposal through sweat, exhalation, and the lymphatic system.

In summary, understand that there are two types of toxic substances that your body must fight against, toxins from natural sources and toxicants caused by human industry. 

Consider adding an infrared fitness program as a main component in your body detox plan.

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
Certified Professional Trainer