The Infrared Bonfire Workout

Posted December 16, 2019

The practice of adding workout variety through cross-training is gaining in popularity. The reason is because cross-training accelerates performance. The real benefit from cross-training is the gains that come from the blended variety of workouts. 

Some people take cross-training to another level by combining different workout types back-to-back during one workout session in a day, as opposed to one workout type per day.  It’s not for everyone, though.  It takes a highly motivated fitness enthusiast or athlete to perform this type of training on a consistent weekly basis.

HOTWORX calls this single session back-to-back training a Bonfire Workout.

For HOTWORX, this workout consists of an individual performing a single workout session using the combination of a hot 15-minute HIIT workout, either a Hot Cycle, Hot Row, or Hot Blast, then immediately switching workout saunas and moving to an isometric sauna for a 30-minute workout of either ISO, yoga, Pilates or any other one they choose to schedule.

The Bonfire usually begins with HIIT for an exhaustive, yet fast, lower-body (Hot Cycle) or total-body (Hot Row or Hot Blast) resistance training and cardio workout. Once the 15-minute routine is done, customers exit the HIIT sauna and immediately take their shoes and socks off to enter one of the isometric saunas. The 30-minute isometric workout then provides the perfect complement to the HIIT routine. Isometrics such as yoga and Pilates give a great core workout as well as training for balance, flexibility, and detox with 125°F of heat and infrared energy to boot. Alternatively, if a customer wishes, she can do an isometric workout first, followed immediately by a HIIT session.

What an incredible workout this is! It’s a fitness bonfire! This is a must-experience for any aspiring fitness enthusiast.

Isometrics and HIIT are totally different workout types, but they combine to create one great cross-training session. The benefits of isometrics are well documented and include increased circulation, flexibility, and bone and muscle strength gains.  High intensity interval training, as reported by CNN, “encourages your cells to make more proteins to feed their energy-producing machinery—and this arrests the aging process.”¹

This can take your infrared training to another level.



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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
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