The 90 Day Infrared Fitness Challenge

Posted October 14, 2019

Three months!  Just three months to a new you.  No doubt you’ve heard this before.  Have you ever thought about why fitness brands promote the three month, 12 week, 90 Day Challenge?

Last weeks blog topic was all about forming a good habit.  Think about the illustrative equation below:

Habit + Time = Lifestyle

Timing, as the old saying goes, is everything.  Timing to begin something and timing to complete something is everything in fitness for sure.  If the right amount of time is committed to a lifestyle change, then one can transform themselves into a new person.

In order to form a new and permanent lifestyle, one must create a good habit such as working out.  But the habit must be practiced until it becomes as normal and regular as brushing your teeth in the morning.  One way to form a habit into a lifestyle is to track fitness results.  This is why fitness companies have developed technology to work in conjunction with fitness trackers such as the Apple Watch and Fitbit.

HOTWORX developed such an application that works through its Burn Off App.  The HOTWORX Burn Off App syncs with Apple Watch and Fitbit and works with all other fitness tracker brands that have a heart rate monitor.  The Burn Off App is a great tool for users to track their fitness results through infrared sauna workouts at the 24 hour studios. 

With the right tracking technology, users can measure their way into a better lifestyle.  You get what you measure in life.  It’s always important to know what you put in and what you get out of life.  You get what you put in!

Now, back to the 90 Day Challenges.  Why 90 days?

Generally, it is accepted that it takes 21 days to form a habit, and it takes 90 days to change a lifestyle.  This is commonly referred to as the 21/90 rule. 

We are all familiar with the rush of people into gyms around the world in the month of January to make good on their decisions to get in shape for the new year.  Unfortunately only 10% of new years fitness resolutions are actually achieved.  Don’t get discouraged if you are in the 90%.  We have all been there.  At first there’s a choice to make.  If you are reading this blog, then you likely have already made that choice to change your lifestyle.  After that choice, though, you gotta take the action! 

Commit to the magic 90 Day Challenge and never look back.  With the HOTWORX Burn Off App, when a customer first joins the infrared studio the first challenge in a rolling and permanent series of 90 Day Challenges begins.  Every 90 days the app ends the previous challenge and begins a new one for each customer.  Once a successful 90 day challenge has been recorded, then it must begin again to keep the new lifestyle going.  At HOTWORX we have a t-shirt that has this phrase printed on the front:

Believe, Do, Achieve, Repeat!

Commit to and see your first 90 Day Infrared Fitness Challenge all the way through and do it again, and again, and welcome yourself to your new fitness lifestyle!

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of the HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
Certified Professional Trainer