Take Action for Your Health and Fitness

Posted July 22, 2019

Those who know me well know that I have great respect for the historical figure General Patton.  Indeed, I do have a fascination with America’s most successful general.  Patton’s army gained the most territory, killed and/or captured the most number of the enemy in the shortest amount of time of any other American general.  When I think of Patton I think of results.  In fitness, the only way to obtain results is to take action.  Patton believed that an army should always be on the attack.  He never believed in falling back to regroup, and in his words “I don’t like to pay for the same real estate twice”. 

More Action = More Results!

It is important to keep setting fitness goals and continually attack them.  If you set a goal to be a certain weight or body fat percentage for an event or for an upcoming vacation, when it’s done, be sure to immediately set a new goal for the next event or vacation.

We are hosting our annual franchise convention this week in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Hotel.  We are right in the middle of the “action” on the Vegas strip.  This is a very appropriate setting as our convention them is ACTION this year.  As a part of our duly themed convention we are hosting a benefit for the Sacred Mountain Retreat for Wounded Warriors and First Responders.  Our military and first responders take action every day to keep us all free and safe. 

In keeping with our theme we reached out to include teachings from successful military minds to help us improve our fitness services franchise.

Our keynote speaker is Retired Lt. General Russel L. Honoré.  Most people remember the no nonsense, take action approach he brought when he came in to restore order, rescue people and clean up the mess Hurricane Katrina left in the City of New Orleans.  I remember it well.  When the politicians failed us he came in and got the job done.  As soon as he got to the city, positive results started to happen fast.

I recently read two of Gen. Honoré’s books, Leadership in the New Normal and Don’t Get Stuck on Stupid (with the subtitle “Leadership in Action”).  One of my favorite takeaways from his books is “Good leaders are not afraid to take on the impossible.”

With your fitness program you can achieve what you might think of as impossible.  Be the leader of yourself and always take on what you want even when it seems impossible.  You can always do one more rep and you can do one more set.  The bottom line is that you can always do more than you think you can do, guaranteed!  Take on a never quit attitude and you will surprise yourself with newfound productivity.

Speaking of productivity.  If you are looking for more action out of the time you have set aside for fitness, then try infrared training.  At HOTWORX we call our workout method 3D Training – exercise+infrared energy+heat.  Instead of the traditional workout in an air-conditioned weight room, try working out in an infrared sauna to shorten the length of your workout and to obtain all of the benefits of infrared energy absorption and heat therapy.  This triple action approach to fitness delivers MORE WORKOUT in LESS TIME!  You CAN make the impossible possible through an action approach to your fitness program.  Infrared training can provide more action for your body during your workout time!

Get more done. Take action now.  Your health and fitness depends on it.

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
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