Take a Load Off of Your Kidneys with Infrared Workouts

Posted April 1, 2018

Nothing makes you feel more refreshed than a good sweat from a great workout.  The more you sweat, the more you detox your body.

In the Ayurveda/yoga world, “svedhana (Sanskrit for sweat) is one of the five panchakarma or curative therapies.  Additional responses of the body to heat include the stimulation of white blood cell production; boosting the immune system; promoting relaxation, and an increase in the speed of healing of connective tissue injuries and peripheral vascular disease symptoms.” ¹

As your body responds to hot yoga it strengthens, detoxifies and heals.  Sweating from hot yoga, and all other forms of hot exercise, provides for even more detoxification.

Specific to sweating, there is mounting scientific evidence to indicate that it can take a lot of stress off of your kidneys and colon when it comes to the body’s need to rid itself of toxins.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and it can play a larger role in detox if you use it to do so.  The level of toxicity that is present in your body is relative to how efficiently your body can rid itself of these impurities, so why not use your skin to its’ maximum detox potential.

Sweat rids the body of dangerous water soluble toxins, such as heavy metals, and oil soluble toxins such as gasoline and pesticides.

In Mark Sircus’ book, Far-Infrared and Vibrational Medicine, he explains that:

“Treating heavy metal toxicity is a demanding challenge that tests our responsibility to be incredibly informed about a wide spectrum of issues, many of them complex.  One of the most over-looked aspects of elimination is actually the skin which offers a vast exit route to poisons trapped in the body.” ²

The skin accounts for approximately 7% of our bodyweight.

The skin acts as a border exchange between elements outside of the body and within the body.  If manipulated properly, the workout environment can greatly enhance the bodys’ ability to enable the exit of toxins through the skin using sweat as the transportation medium.  Toxin that exits through the skin is more easily controlled than that of the internal organs.  Twisting postures combined with deep penetrating infrared energy and heat can greatly enhance this process during workouts.

Dr. Sircus explains how important sweat therapy can be when it is used to rid a patient of toxicity by describing one of the worst cases of environmental toxicity in U.S. history.  He shows how Dr. Ziem at the Johns Hopkins Center for Environment Health used the treatment.  Dr. Ziem utilized sauna therapy on his patient to the point where the toxins could be clearly seen on the towels used to wipe the patient’s sweat.

Additionally, the book goes on to quote Dr. Dietrich Klinghart, a frequent infrared sauna user himself.  He makes a clear point that,  “Far infrared saunas can mobilize mercury in deeper tissues.” ³

Far infrared sweating is superior to traditional sauna sweating.

15-20% of infrared sauna sweat contains toxins as opposed to only 3-5% in sweat from a traditional sauna.

Please pay special attention to this important conclusion about the importance of infrared sweating from Dr. Sircus’ book:

“It makes perfect sense to bypass (as much as possible) the kidneys and large intestines, which are already overloaded with toxicity and greatly reduced in their capacity to eliminate toxic substances.  If a person is heavy metal toxic it is because their normal channels of elimination have not been able to keep up with the load.”

We all know that our body is bombarded with toxins from what we consume through eating, drinking, touching and breathing.  Pollution has destroyed the purity of our environments, so we need to do everything we can to flush our system and rid our bodies of these agents every week!

Infrared saunas can make you sweat profusely up to 3 times the sweat volume as compared to traditional saunas.  Combine infrared heat with working out!  You can just imagine the volume of sweat that can be produced!  Try it and see for yourself.

Bye, bye toxins…

More from Sircus’ book…

Dr. Robert O. Young found that the following benefits resulted from the use of radiant heat [infrared] saunas:

-Speeds up metabolic processes of vital organs and glands, including endocrine glands.

-Inhibits the development of pleomorphic microforms [fungi, yeasts, bacteria and molds] and creates a ‘fever reaction’ of rising temperature that neutralizes them.

-Places demand on the heart to work harder thus, exercising it and also producing a drop in diastolic blood pressure (the low side).

-Stimulates dilation of peripheral blood vessels thus, relieving pain (including muscle pain) and speeding the healing of sprain, strain, bursitis, arthritis, and peripheral vascular disease symptoms.

-Promotes relaxation, thereby creating a feeling of well-being.4

Infrared saunas require lower temperatures (for HOTWORX the ideal workout temperature is 125º F), whereas conventional saunas require 180º to over 200º to get similar sweating results.

Take a load off of your internal organs…  Sweat it out!!!


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