Systems Thinking and Infrared Training

Posted May 6, 2019

This week I have had the pleasure of working from Chicago in a fantastic American community known as Lincoln Park.  What an amazing spot for culture, art and, of course, fitness.  We are under construction for our new HOTWORX studio next to DePaul University home to one of the top theater schools in the country.  I managed to find a little time to explore the area and I immediately noticed a beautiful art museum (foreign art only) on campus that is free for admission (just donations).    As an artist myself, I began to feel right at home.  Thus, I was inspired to write an artsy blog post for this week.

Here it is.

I once took a course in “Systems Thinking” for business in grad school and I remember that the cover of my textbook included an image of our solar system with the planets in systematic orbit around the sun.  That interesting cover for a business book certainly made me think before I began to read.

Systems thinking, in a nutshell, as presented to us by the professor, taught the practice of nature observation to find solutions for business problems.  My masters program was for organizational management, so the course was focused on business problem solving.  Systems thinking, though, goes beyond business and can be applied to every facet of life as a tool to open the mind to unlikely, or, I should say, unknown solutions. 

The problem has already been solved by nature, you just have to look to see it!

Stay with me.  I know this is a fitness blog and the point will be forthcoming.

My favorite artist is Van Gogh.  Of course he is most famous for the masterpiece Starry Night which is displayed at the Modern Museum of Art in New York City.  I finally saw the work last summer up close and personal while in Manhattan.  I wonder what Van Gogh might have been pondering as he created those galactic bodies in the night sky.  As he painted during the day, he recorded his imagined view of the pre-dawn sky with a village under the heavens from a window facing east from his asylum room in France. 

What was he solving? 

The result was a masterpiece for humanity to experience, and maybe that was the solution he wanted.  I would submit that he was practicing a form of systems thinking.  Who knows? The important thing is that he left us with a masterpiece to ponder based on his ingenious perspective of nature.

So, I’m sure you are wondering right now, what does systems thinking have to do with infrared training?

When it comes to fitness innovation and the application of infrared it only takes a look back to the science (and art) that discovered infrared to know that there is a connection to the natural world of radiant heat from the sun and systems thinking.

Infrared was discovered through a scientific experiment by an astronomer and music composer from Britain in the early 19th century.   His name was Sir William Herschel, who is also famous for discovering the planet, Uranus.  His discovery of infrared has led to hundreds of inventions that have made our lives more healthy, convenient, and productive.

One such invention is that of the HOTWORX infrared workout sauna.  Infrared is the natural form of heat.  When you walk outside on a sunny day and feel the radiant warmth, you are experiencing the infrared energy absorption into your body through your skin.  This is the same, very natural effect that is happening inside of the infrared sauna.  This is one great example of looking to nature to find a solution…a systems thinking invention for fitness.

The HOTWORX method is a system.  In the same way that the solar system works together as one organization of movement in space, the HOTWORX training method works together through unlimited combinations of workout types to form a cohesive training program tailored to meet the needs of and to accelerate results for clients.

Science and art work well together!

When you find some time, google around to check out the many different “systems thinking” theories and practices to see how you might become inspired to find new ways to solve problems.  Why not use it with your exploration of an infrared fitness program!

With HOTWORX, there are limitless ways to combine workouts through cross-training.  There is no limit to your imagination when it comes to creating the best workout regime to suit your personal needs. 

Try systems thinking as you create your best infrared fitness lifestyle.

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