Precision Infrared Outperforms Conventional Heat for Workouts

Posted January 21, 2019


Heated workouts in the form of hot yoga have been around for half a century and those hot yoga sessions have been almost exclusively delivered inside of studios heated with  conventional HV/AC equipment.  This type of environment is loud from the heater fans and stuffy from the hot air that is being blown everywhere.  Furthermore, this old school heat only warms the outside of the human body to cause sweat.  It’s just hot air, literally.

Infrared heaters make no sound.  Rather, the heat and energy simply radiates out from the source.  The silence of the heaters and the fact that 80% of the heat and energy is being absorbed by the human subject provides for a much better workout environment.  It has been proven that IR sauna heating is 7 times more effective for detox than that of a conventional sauna, or conventional hot studio. 

Some yoga studios have attempted to create infrared hot yoga environments but have fallen short on heat effectiveness because they failed to understand the importance of precise IR heat source placement and proximity to their clients.


When I was designing the HOTWORX infrared workout sauna it quickly became clear that, in order to deliver an effective dose of infrared absorption to the human body, the subject must be exposed to the heat and energy source in a very precise manner.   For the proper penetration of infrared waves through the skin of the human body, the infrared heat and energy must be dispersed in a way that allows for the customer to receive the most efficient infrared wave penetration through the skin.  This requires the usage of different types of heaters placed in the right areas of the workout environment so as to spread the infrared throughout the space properly for clients. 

I discovered that the most effective way to deliver an infrared workout was through the use of a sauna built for three people and with exact heater placement, precise wall dimensions and ceiling height with a 7’ x 9’ floor space, and through the practice of very specific flows of workout postures. During an isometric workout session such as yoga the use of direct infrared heaters and wide dispersion infrared heaters must be deployed in a very specific manner positioned to give the most effective IR exposure to clients whether they are performing floor exercises, squatting postures or standing positions.  The end result after development of this infrared workout sauna was the best possible solution for multiple forms of hot exercise.  Two patents are now pending for this 63 square foot device known as the HOTWORX infrared fitness sauna.

It should be emphasized that for maximum workout effectiveness, infrared must be administered with precision.  There must be exact placement of the proper types of heaters.  Additionally, the human proximity must be 1 to 3 feet from the energy source at all times during the workout session.


Infrared precision matters! 

The result of this attention to detail is evident from the incredible numbers of five star HOTWORX customer testimonials.

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of the HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
Certified Professional Trainer