The Perfect Workout Temperature, Set it and Leave it!

Posted September 24, 2018

Hot Exercise began with yoga.  The idea was to recreate the environment of India where yoga originally developed as a wellness practice and discipline.  Typical hot yoga studios are heated ranging from 90 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity level of 40%.  Indeed this makes the studio very hot and muggy like the Indian climate, but it does not make for the best temperature or air quality for a workout.

When we tested the very first HOTWORX infrared workout sauna, we started with a 120º F temperature dry heat setting.  Soon after testing with 30 minute isometric workouts, we discovered that the perfect temperature for an infrared sauna workout was 125.  We had no motive other than finding the right temperature for a great workout.  It did not matter to us what the temperature was in the natural environment or the climate of any region in the world.  The only purpose for our experimentation was to find the perfect temperature for yoga, pilates and other hybrid isometric workouts.

We discovered that sweating begins very soon at 125º.  We also found that, at that temperature, the experience was just right for a 30 minute isometric workout and for a 15 minute HIIT routine.  The 125º is hot enough to be super challenging but not too hot for the 30 minutes of isometrics or for the 15 minutes of HIIT.  If we were to compare the HOTWORX infrared sauna workout environment to a natural setting, the closest example might be a workout performed outside in the middle of a hot July day in the dry heat of Phoenix or Las Vegas.

Having established 125º F as the most effective workout temperature, let’s leave it there.  Seriously, just set the workout temperature for 125 and go on to focus on your workout.  Do not get caught up in the trap of thinking that you will get an even better workout if the temperature is higher than 125. 

125º F is perfect. 

Now just pay attention to your mind body connection for your actual workout sequence.

Find an intensity level that is challenging but not too much, and block out everything except what matters. 

This is what matters most:
-workout form
-sweat and hydration
-intensity and heart rate
-calorie burn

Keep it hot at 125º, go at your own best pace, and make progress with a laser FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS!!!

Set it at 125º and leave it.  Then forget about the temperature and just know that it is perfect. Temperature beyond 125º certainly does not matter if your workout form is bad.  Think of the workout temperature setting as a cruise control.  Set it at the speed limit and just drive.

Work on perfecting your postures and form.  Also, remember that your level of intensity can always go higher and you can always flex harder, improve balance or stretch more.  These are the things that matter. 

Make progress with what matters, and always remember that the perfect workout temperature is 125º F.

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of the HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
Certified Professional Trainer