HOTWORX welcomes new franchisees, Jill and Scott Schwantes, with the purchase of 3 franchise licenses in Fresno, California!

What originally motivated you to consider a business opportunity?
We both have degrees in Business Administration and have always had a vision of owning our own business some day. We have considered many different types and directions, but had yet to find the right opportunity.

What led you to explore franchising rather than an independent business?
We considered both, and knew that if we chose a franchise it would be because of what the company had to offer. We immediately knew that HOTWORX had invested significant time and resources to develop the concept with technology.

What was your initial impression of your first HOTWORX session?
We had read reviews and our big question was how effective the infrared heat was in a 9×7 sauna. We attended the Hot Blast HIIT session and were impressed with the virtual instructor, equipment and most importantly the amount we sweat in 15 minutes.

How was your experience going through the HOTWORX Discovery Process?
The Discovery Process was informative and covered the right amount of information. Mandy was great as she guided us through. She was able to answer additional questions along the way while we went through each module.

How would you describe your Orientation Day and meeting the HOTWORX Executive Team?
Our Orientation Day exceeded our expectations. We were impressed with the amount of information shared and candidness along the way. We had many questions, which were all answered and addressed. The personal stories shared made us immediately feel at home. The Executive Team was both engaging and approachable. They showed genuine interest in our background and concerns and how we would compliment the HOTWORX family.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs considering the opportunity to franchise with HOTWORX?
We would suggest research as the first step and attend a session as soon as possible. Steve Smith has spent time each week on his blog and each is worth the time to read it. Many of our questions were answered by reading them!

What are the top 3 reasons you chose to franchise with HOTWORX?
1. The 3D Training concept is unlike anything on the market today and we want to bring the health benefits to our community.
2. The company has done a great job on research and development and continues to innovate!
3. The history of the company plus the tenure of its employees made us feel we were making the right decision.

What excites you the most in offering HOTWORX to your community?
We are excited about so many aspects of what HOTWORX offers! The combination of exercise and infrared heat is high on the list as they both provide such great health benefits.

What goals do you plan to accomplish in your first year as a HOTWORX franchisee?
In the first year we plan to introduce the brand to our community, operate a friendly and welcoming studio, and hit our goal of 800 members.

How will HOTWORX help you achieve your personal and professional goals?
HOTWORX will enable us the flexibility to operate our own business with the guidance and support of those that have done it already. It will allow us to achieve financial independence with the pride of helping others to be healthy, fit and happy!

Congratulations, Jill & Scott, and welcome to the HOTWORX team!

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Released August 17, 2020