Top 15 Advance to Final Round of 2019 Virtual Instructor Competition

An overwhelming total of 69,001 votes were submitted during Round 2 of this year’s competition…Congratulations to Sarah Carlson, the People’s Choice winner with the greatest number of votes! Sarah receives an automatic spot in the Top 15, along with another 14 individuals selected by HOTWORX Executives to advance to the FINAL ROUND of this year’s Virtual Instructor Competition:

The Top 15 will participate in the Final Round of the HOTWORX Virtual Instructor Competition at our annual franchise convention at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on July 22nd – 24th.  After a series of judging interviews, a Virtual Instructor Q&A, and live outdoor workout, the 5 winners will be announced as our Virtual Instructors and will receive a prize package worth over $10,000 each!

Released July 1, 2019