HOTWORX welcomes new franchisees, Bill Dunn and Beth Monaghan, with the purchase of 3 franchise licenses in Jacksonville, Florida!

What led you to explore franchise opportunities?
Bill and I have 25 years of franchise experience between us working for Auntie Anne’s soft pretzels on the franchisor side. After leaving Auntie Anne’s a few years ago, we reconnected and formed a partnership and have since worked with small business owners that want to increase their enterprise value and grow their companies. We live in the Jacksonville market in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, where Bill’s daughter Katie resides as well. Katie is a recent grad (1 year out already! That’s hard to believe…) from University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS and during her time at Ole Miss, she was a member at the very first HOTWORX!

After graduating and taking some time to herself, Katie began working as a server at a local establishment. The restaurant closed and Katie found herself on the job hunt once again. She also wanted to get back to her old workout routine, so she researched where she might join a HOTWORX in Jacksonville, FL. She found that there aren’t any locations near us, but the company was looking to expand via franchising. Katie brought us the idea of opening a HOTWORX Studio in Jacksonville, FL. We researched the company on the internet and became very intrigued. We went to the FDD Exchange and acquired the HOTWORX FDD and examined the business model closely. Having had so much experience on the franchisor side, it was refreshing to see a business model, by a franchisor, that really seemed to be structured for the success of the franchisee. We decided to start the due diligence process of becoming a franchisee with HOTWORX.

Can you describe your first HOTWORX experience?
“Wow!” is the short answer. We flew into New Orleans the day prior to our Orientation Day. Bebe De Leon, our fun and energetic Franchise Sales Rep, met us at the airport. Bebe was very excited to show us her newly opened HOTWORX in Metairie where we planned to have the HOTWORX experience. Katie was familiar of course, but Bill and I had a new workout experience in front of us.
First, we did a 15-minute HIIT session (Hot Cycle), then we did 30 minutes of Hot Pilates.

After flying, I’m usually dehydrated, then add 45 minutes of an intense workout, I thought for sure water retention was in my future, and we were planning to go bar hopping in New Orleans that evening—further dehydrated! After grabbing a quick shower and lunch, we headed out on our bar crawl. We had to find a restroom every 45 minutes. We were the opposite of dehydrated and had great energy. I swear, I really could feel those toxins leaving my body. Amazing! We were very excited to hear more about this opportunity the following day.

How was your experience going through the HOTWORX Discovery Process?
So, I’ve already mentioned that Bill and I have many years of experience working on the franchisor side. The HOTWORX Discovery Process is what every franchise discovery process should be. A required amount of time to ensure that each candidate is truly interested and dedicated to the process.

Working toward the potential Orientation Day, we learned a great deal about the company through a series of conference calls with our Franchise Sales Rep. We were also able to ask questions in order to gain a better comfort level on our side. We were fortunate to work with a rep that truly believes in the business with all her heart, energy, body, mind…you get the drift. Each week, the more we learned about the company, we truly began to believe that this is a company we want to partner with to grow a brand along with many other smart businesspeople around the globe.

What was it like attending Orientation Day and meeting the HOTWORX Executive Team?
Honestly, we weren’t sure what to expect. With our backgrounds, we wanted to be very careful not to come off as that person that says, “Well the way we did it…..” As the day began with an informal breakfast with the HOTWORX team and others who had also come in for orientation, we started to get a feel for the culture of the company. Employees expressed themselves freely throughout the day, from the informal breakfast introductions, to the presentations that were presented with a high level of professionalism and the right amount of fun and laughter, and of course, information. A true appreciation for each of their roles and responsibilities was shown throughout the day by Nancy Price, Senior Vice President of Franchise Recruitment. Nancy dedicated her entire day to the process which we recognized as a true investment in the brand.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs considering the opportunity to franchise with HOTWORX?
K.I.S.S. You were smart enough to recognize a great opportunity when you saw it. Working in a franchise setting can be one of the most rewarding experiences as a business owner. You have invested in a company that has already worked to develop the processes, equipment, etc. to operate the business. Take your business acumen, utilize their processes and knowledge, follow brand protocol, and enjoy the ride.

What are the top 3 reasons you chose to franchise with HOTWORX?
1. This is one of the better business models we’ve seen.
2. We are going to be doing something that brings the opportunity for health and wellness to the community. This is something we can be proud of as we talk to our potential clients and build our membership base.
3. We’re going to make some money!!!

What goals do you have in bringing HOTWORX to your market?
• Find the best locations.
• Educate the local community about the benefits of HOTWORX, and its patented infrared sauna for isometric exercise.
• Build a strong membership base.
• Serve the community well.

What are you most excited for in your first year as a HOTWORX franchisee?
Getting to the pre-sale stage. HOTWORX is a really exciting brand to take to the market. We are looking forward to actively building memberships as we engage with our surrounding communities to grow the HOTWORX brand. And of course, opening our first location in Jacksonville, FL!!!

Congratulations, Bill & Beth, and welcome to the HOTWORX family!

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Released March 2, 2020