HOTWORX welcomes new franchisees, Heather & Jason Walker, with the purchase of 3 franchise licenses in Kansas City, Missouri!

What lead you to explore franchise opportunities?
Jason and I had looked at a couple different franchise opportunities, however, HOTWORX was the best option for us. We did a lot of research and fell in love with the HOTWORX concept and the health benefits behind it.

Can you describe your first HOTWORX experience?
Our first session was Hot Pilates and Jason thought it was going to be easy. Not only did he find the  Pilates workout to be a challenge but with the heat, it took the workout to a whole new level. Afterwards, you feel like you got a good workout (exhausted) and energized at the same time! It is a great workout!

How was your experience going through the HOTWORX Discovery Process?
Our Discovery Process was amazing! Cynthia was our Franchise Recruiter and she did a great job. It was nice having a different topic each week. I feel the material that was covered during this time prepared us well!

What was it like attending Discovery Day and meeting the HOTWORX Executive Team?
We really enjoyed Discovery Day! It helped meeting the team and putting a face to the departments we were going to work with. It was very informative. All the team members we met were knowledgeable, helpful and answered all of our questions and concerns.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs considering the opportunity to franchise with HOTWORX?
Learn all that you can, ask a lot of questions and make sure it’s a long term goal. It will take a lot of work and dedication.

What are the top 3 reasons you chose to franchise with HOTWORX?
1. I loved the concept of working out in an infrared sauna. That is a new way to workout with huge health benefits. I am excited to be the first one in Missouri.
2. Fitness is a passion both Jason and I share, so HOTWORX was a good fit for both of us.
3. Low overhead- You have 2-4 employees (not having to pay Trainers in addition to workplace employees).

What goals do you have in bringing HOTWORX to your market?
We want to spread the word and get our community excited about HOTWORX. We plan on doing a lot of marketing and reaching out to other individuals we know to cross-sell or partner.

What are you most excited for in your first year as a HOTWORX franchisee?
I am simply excited to learn about Franchising (we have always grown our own companies organically). I see every day as a personal growth opportunity and feel very fortunate to be part of such a great company as HOTWORX. I am most excited to grow my first location and being able to start a second once the first one is up and running.

Congratulations, Heather & Jason, and welcome to the HOTWORX family!

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Released April 29, 2019