Congrats to the 2020 Virtual Instructor Competition Winners!

We first launched the Virtual Instructor Competition three years ago and set out on a mission to find the Top 5 Virtual Instructors to represent HOTWORX by leading our infrared sauna workouts and to help us continue to revolutionize the fitness industry as brand ambassadors. Last year, we announced plans for a new Virtual Personal Trainer feature in the HOTWORX Burn Off App to help maximize fitness results with use of the Functional Exercise (FX) Zone by offering short workout videos that focus on a variety of muscles in the body. We now select two additional competition winners as HOTWORX Virtual Personal Trainers.

Last week, 15 fitness instructor professionals virtually participated in the Final Round of the 2020 Virtual Instructor Competition held in conjunction with our annual franchise convention. We were blown away by their enthusiasm, performance, and determination! After instructing attendees of our virtual convention through a HOTWORX At Home Workout, completing a Small Group Training Challenge, Earn the Burn Interview/Posture Challenge and Final Question Round, the winners were selected and announced as the new HOTWORX Virtual Instructors and Virtual Personal Trainers! Please join me in congratulating the winners of this year’s competition…

2020-2021 Virtual Instructors

Rosie Arellano

Ashlee Buchert

Julie Crumpler

Elizabeth Hays

Danica Kempinski

2020-2021 Virtual Personal Trainers

Ashley Grillot

Christopher Poirier

We would also like to congratulate Julie Crumpler, this year’s Fan Favorite for receiving the most votes from our virtual convention attendees, and Ashlee Buchert, the competitor selected to receive the Social Media MVP Award for the 2020 Virtual Instructor Competition.

Lastly, we’d like to extend a sincere thank you to the Top 15 competitors that joined us for the Final Round- You all did such an incredible job and made the final selection a harder decision than year’s past! We consider you part of the HOTWORX team, as well, and hope to work with you in the future!

Released July 27, 2020