HOTWORX welcomes new franchisees, Kelly and Daniel Stevenson, with the purchase of a franchise license in Springdale, Arkansas!

What originally motivated you to consider a business opportunity?
After doing hair for 15 years, I decided that I needed another source of income to help me work less behind the chair but still be able to help people feel their best.

What led you to explore franchising rather than an independent business?
A franchise was interesting to us because it is a “small business with help.” It’s still owning a business but it’s already an up and running one with a group of like minded people with a common goal.

How was your experience going through the HOTWORX Discovery Process?
Smooth and informative. Well planned out. Honest. Bebe is a gem. She made me feel so welcome right over the phone. Working through all the modules and answering all our questions, I felt comfortable with the business model and felt like it was going to be a good fit for us.

How would you describe your Orientation Day and meeting the HOTWORX Executive Team?
Everyone was kind, and the day was just like an extension of the Discovery Process. We are looking forward to working with the members of the team to build our location.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs considering the opportunity to franchise with HOTWORX?
Ask any and every question you have. Trust the process. If you like what you learn, act quickly or someone else may snatch it up!

What are the top 3 reasons you chose to franchise with HOTWORX?
1. Helping people get fit, stay fit, and be healthy
2. The franchise fee was reasonable
3. It is not like any other fitness establishment

What excites you the most in offering HOTWORX to your community?
I’m looking forward to offering workout sessions 24/7 vs just a few hours each day. Also, the health benefits of the infrared heat!

What goals do you plan to accomplish in your first year as a HOTWORX franchisee?
1,000 + members, and helping those members know about all the health options that our area has to offer.

How will HOTWORX help you achieve your personal and professional goals?
Having a successful location will help me continue to be a business owner, active member of the community, have a healthy body, and set myself and my family up for a financially successful future!

Congratulations, Kelly & Daniel, and welcome to the HOTWORX team!

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Released September 28, 2020