More Training = More Sweat

Posted June 14, 2020

During my weight workouts and infrared training sessions this week, the subject of sweat came up with my training partners. It was mentioned that it seems easier to sweat when you are in better shape. This observation motivated me to do some research which has resulted in this blog post.

As it turns out, there is scientific evidence to prove that very notion. Studies show that trained individuals sweat more than untrained individuals. One such study from Japan was published in the National Library of Medicine in October 2010.¹ In their research, scientists assessed subjects in groups of males and females. Within the two groups subjects were separated according to trained individuals and untrained individuals. The groups were then required to cycle at 35, 50 and 65% of their VO2 max.

After the exercise session, sweat was then measured on the forehead, chest, back, forearm and thigh. The data proved significantly greater sweating in the trained individuals as opposed to the untrained individuals. It was concluded that more training improves the sweat gland responses. The study also recognized that females who have not trained required higher body temperatures and intensity for sweating compared to the other groups. 

Your body’s sweat response accelerates as you get in better shape!

People who are fit sweat more because their body needs it. They generate more heat and the response is sweat for cooling off. Of course there is the added benefit of more detox from more sweat, especially when sweat is generated in conjunction with a response to infrared heat.

The better conditioning you gain from training, the more you will sweat and detox your body. Simply put, sweating becomes more efficient when you are in better shape. Fit people are stronger and can generate more power for longer periods of time and at higher levels of intensity during workouts.

Want more from your workout in less time? Infrared workouts can lead to quick conditioning results for faster sweating. An infrared sauna workout forces your body to acclimate to the radiant heat and the absorption of radiant energy causes your cells to react with increased metabolic efficiency.

Strive to improve your conditioning with better training so that you can accelerate your sweating. Sweating is more than just a natural body cooling process. More sweat results in an inside out cleansing effect.  The sweat process enables the body to rid itself of impurities.  Study after study proves that sweat contains unwanted toxic substances that are exiting the body. It stands to reason that the more you sweat, the cleaner you become on the inside.

As you train harder, the sweat results get better, and once again, you get more out of life when you put more into it!

Don’t quit. Train hard and sweat it out!!


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Stephen P. Smith, MA

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