Introducing Hot Buns And Hot Roll!

Posted April 13, 2016

*Editor’s Note: Hot Box Detox is now HOTWORX

I am happy to announce that we are now releasing two new HBX videos! These two are not just revisions of our original “Hot Iso” 14 posture full-body isometric workout. These videos open up two new workout categories for Hot Box Detox, one for laser focused glute work and one for self-myofacial release/deep tissue massage. Ideally, for clients, the two new videos will serve as a supplement to the original Hot Iso workout.

Hot Buns…

Hot Buns was created for one purpose and that is to get your BUTT in shape! We expect this intense isometric glute workout to be in high demand for HBX clients. Imagine 30 minutes of nothing but BUTT isometrics, yes only BUTT isometrics inside of the Hot Box Detox sauna at 125 degrees fahrenheit! You will work your glutes hard while you sweat out the toxins and absorb the rejuvenating infrared energy.

For those who want a great butt workout to add to their fitness routine, then HOT BUNS is rear-end-tensity for real…

Hot Buns

The idea for Hot Roll was inspired from the practice that many athletes now perform with foam rollers for workout recovery. Hot Roll provides deep tissue massage in a unique, yet structured full-body format led by a virtual instructor in a 30 minute infrared sauna environment. HBX clients can use this session once per week to rid their muscles of the tension and knots that restrict movement, cause stress and impair workout recovery. Of course, with the infrared heat there is even more muscle relaxation as clients move through the myofacial release from the foam rollers.

One major added benefit from Hot Roll is that you can smooth out the knotted fascia to reduce cellulite!!!

Hot Roll

Try Hot Buns and Hot Roll in the Hot Box Detox and let us know what you think…

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