Infrared Workouts are Fast, Unique and Effective

Posted July 8, 2019


From the beginning we set out to create a workout to be performed in the now patented HOTWORX sauna that would give clients a better workout in far less time.  When HOTWORX began creating the infrared sauna workout routine, Hot ISO was the first and the only infrared workout for a brief time.  From Hot ISO we learned quickly that isometrics performed inside of the infrared sauna produced fast results. 

Hot ISO was created as a fusion of athletic isometric holds such as wall sits and squats with yoga and pilates isometric postures such as the warrior pose and various forms of planks.  Soon after Hot ISO we created our own version of Hot Yoga, and like Hot ISO, it only required 30 minutes per session.  Hot Pilates came later with the same short 30 minute session and many more isometric workout types have been created since based on the same short 30 minute infrared session.

While the heat causes a fast sweat, the compression postures that are choreographed into the routines combine with the infrared energy and the heat to speed up blood flow and accelerate detox.

As evidenced by the vast number of 5 star reviews that attest to how fast it works, we can now declare with certainty that our infrared workout experiment was successful.  Infrared training provides for a great workout in less time.  Time is money, as they say, and a faster workout can help to allow time for other things in life that are important too.


Just the fact that a workout is performed in a sauna led by a virtual instructor is still something unique in fitness.  HOTWORX takes the uniqueness of workouts to a new level, though, beyond the fact that workouts are performed inside of an infrared sauna at 125 degrees.   Many of the HOTWORX workouts are created by fusing workout disciplines.  Take the Hot Warrior workout, for example.  Hot Warrior borrows from yoga, pilates, martial arts and athletic isometrics.  This is fusion fitness choreography.  In addition, there are isometric workouts combined with slow dynamic reps that maximize the use of various types of bands that have now been created by the HOTWORX team.  Uniqueness arouses the curiosity of clients and keeps them engaged.

HOTWORX was first to market with infrared HIIT training routines led by virtual instructors as well.  These HIIT workouts only require a 15 minute session to provide for an amazing cardio workout!


There are many many benefits from infrared training.  Without a doubt, infrared training produces the most and the highest quality sweating session that can be found in fitness.  Studies have shown that infrared induced sweating is 7 times more detoxifying than that of sweat from a traditional fitness studio, weight room or from a traditional sauna. 

Training inside of an infrared sauna will increase your calorie burn during and after the workout. 

The heat from infrared causes your body to produce heat shock proteins for a very anabolic (muscle building) type of workout. 

Infrared is good for your skin while you enjoy a great workout. 

Infrared improves circulation.   

This list goes on, but you get the picture!  Infrared workouts are very effective.

If you’re ready for a different way to workout that is more effective and fast, then you should now consider adding infrared training.

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
Certified Professional Trainer