Infrared Workouts and Post Workout Energy Levels

Posted February 11, 2019

I hear it everywhere I go when I visit a new HOTWORX 24 Hour Infrared Fitness Studio…

Customers tell me, ”I feel so good and so energized when I finish an infrared workout”. 

Of course, finishing any type of workout, infrared or not, makes you feel good and gives a sense of accomplishment, but I have never heard people rave about workouts in the way that they do about the 3D training method that combines (1) heat, (2) infrared energy, and (3) exercise.


It’s because of the absorption of energy through the skin from waves of infrared light. Infrared penetrates the skin up to 1.5 inches into the body and stimulates cellular activity!

According to a 2017 medical study as reported in PubMed Central® (PMC) which is a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine: 

“Increasing evidence suggests that IR can carry out photostimulation and photobiomodulation effects particularly benefiting neural stimulation, wound healing, and cancer treatment. Nerve cells respond particularly well to IR, which has been proposed for a range of neurostimulation and neuromodulation applications, and recent progress in neural stimulation and regeneration”¹

The article goes on to teach that…

“For billons of years, the sun has generated IR radiation and living organisms on earth have evolved to deal with IR radiation as an important environmental factor depending on their habitat. Many ancient therapies have applied sunlight for wound healing and pain relief.”²

And the punchline of the article is…

“Since the human body is made up of 70% water, it can potentially accumulate a large amount of energy that could modulate biological processes, by strong resonant absorption of IR radiation from sunlight mediated by water molecules.”³

Modern infrared heater technology has now enabled the creation of workout environments that can provide IR exposure to clients while they workout.  Exposure to infrared is stimulating and rejuvenating.  When IR is combined with a workout, the effects from working out are then magnified by the infrared. 

It makes good sense to elevate the effectiveness of your workout environment and to obtain the highest level of stimulation from your training sessions.  One way to do this is to incorporate infrared workouts into your weekly fitness routine.


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Stephen P. Smith, MA

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