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Posted February 25, 2019

Product and service integrity is always of paramount importance no matter what industry.  I would argue that this is especially the case with the fitness industry.  Without the establishment of workout types and methods, workout chaos and schizophrenia ensues.  When new workout types and methods are created, it is then important for those to form into a discipline. 

This type of discipline is defined as “a branch of knowledge, typically one studied in higher education.”  For example, ”sociology is a fairly new discipline”¹.  This definition can be applied to new forms of fitness as well.  In our example, discipline is not used in a punitive sense, only to describe the importance of workout training method integrity and the need for clients to adhere to training method principles for maximum fitness results.

For 38 years now, since the age of 18, I have been involved in the fitness industry.  After my freshman season in college football, I began an intense weight training regimen for football and I took on a part-time job at a local gym and began to sell memberships and to train clients for the owner of the gym.  I have seen and practiced many different forms of training for football, bodybuilding, and for general fitness.  I have obtained multiple certifications including AFAA personal training, TRX suspension training, isometric floor exercise among many other certifications and clinics.  After almost four decades of observing and practicing these many forms of fitness disciplines including weight training, yoga, pilates, band routines, plyometrics, etc…, I have come to appreciate those workout types that adhere to discipline of flow, posture, interval, repetition, and consistency within the routines.  This is because the higher the level of integrity of a workout type, the higher the level of results!

It is for this reason that we decided to distill the innovative new HOTWORX practices into a well defined method of infrared training for general fitness.  Please take a moment to read below:


Providing “More Workout” in “Less Time” is the driving force behind the creation of each workout type for HOTWORX.  A workout “type” by way of example is Hot Iso, another is Hot Yoga, or Hot Cycle, etc…

3D Training: 

HOTWORX provides a 3 DIMENSIONAL TRAINING experience with elements of (1)exercise, (2)heat, and (3)infrared energy through the use of our patent pending sauna for each of the isometric and HIIT workout types.  Training in a 3D environment greatly accelerates your metabolism, gets you to your target heart rate sooner, and forces your body to acclimate to the heat which conditions you for optimum performance in normal everyday environments.


We adhere to the fundamental workout principle of CONSISTENCY because muscles strengthen most efficiently from practice through a logical training sequence.  Therefore, the choreography and production of each HOTWORX workout type pays special attention to the consistency of flow and postures for isometrics, and consistency of intervals for HIIT.  This is a vital component to provide for performance measurability and to accelerate progression of strength and skill.  Muscles respond to signals and cannot be shocked or confused.  Muscle strength is gained through training method consistency.


CROSS-TRAINING incorporates the use of multiple workout types within the same day or the same week of a workout routine.  CROSS-TRAINING is a vital component of the HOTWORX method and it alleviates boredom from the practice of only one workout type.  CROSS-TRAINING keeps motivation high and promotes the work of different muscles and different work for the same muscles which elevates your performance for each consistent workout type you practice.  CROSS-TRAINING allows for multiple sets of muscles to be worked and strengthened rather than only the muscles that are worked from the practice of a single workout type.  We encourage the practice of multiple workout types such as programs that combine the use of yoga, pilates, indoor cycle HIIT along with others which work together and form a personal workout regimen.


*The practice of performing the same workout type differently every day is unsafe, less effective and is not a part of the HOTWORX method.

*The practice of performing a different workout type every day of the week or within the same day, so long as the workout type has CONSISTENCY is most effective.

*CROSS-TRAINING diversifies the training program, accelerates progression and motivates.

*This training method combined with the elements of heat and infrared energy creates fitness routines that are faster and more effective.


We update and freshen select workouts every six months with a subtle evolution of flow, postures, interval moves and sometimes with new virtual instructors.  We maintain the workout type consistency and familiarity so that our members can easily measure progress and so that fitness gains can be made more quickly and efficiently.


Fast, positive results for our members is what matters the most. 

Practice of the HOTWORX infrared training method delivers greater flexibility, strength/muscle tone, endurance, cardio conditioning, fat loss, and mind/body detoxification.



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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of the HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
Certified Professional Trainer