Infrared Fitness is a Market Game Changer

Posted November 11, 2018

Markets are driven by value.  Customers constantly ask themselves, whether deliberately or intuitively, “how can I get more quality for less money, or how can I get more results in a shorter amount of time?”  The brands who can deliver on this customer need will change industries and move markets.

The fitness industry, like any other industry, has seen many market movers who have reshaped the industry.  For an example of this, look at suspension training which was introduced to the industry by Randy Hetrick, a former Navy SEAL and founder of TRX.  TRX changed the fitness game.  I am certified in TRX as a trainer myself and I don’t know any trainers who don’t use some form of suspension training with their clients.  All professional athletes now use suspension training as a part of their routines.  Suspension training changed the industry and has now become ubiquitous to fitness.

What about bands?  Something as simple as a rubber band designed for a fitness application has been a game changer as well.  There are three main types of fitness bands now which include:

Small Loop Bands, Large Loop Bands, and Handle Bands pictured below…

As with suspension straps, these three band types have no no limit to the number of exercises that can be created.  The only limit is the imagination of the trainer.  And, again, like suspension training, I don’t know of any trainer who does not use bands in some manner now to add to the fitness regimes of their clients.  Bands changed the fitness industry too.

So, what about infrared as a fitness game changer? 

Infrared was discovered in the early 1800’s by the astronomer Sir William Herschel, who noticed radiation when he used a thermometer to measure the temperature of the invisible parts of the light spectrum.  Since that discovery, and with the application of electricity, entrepreneurs have been working to monetize infrared.  One of the first widespread uses of an infrared application was for heaters that were used to cure the paint of military equipment during World War II.  Towards the latter part of the 20th century infrared saunas began to gain popularity as an alternative to the traditional convection heat saunas for personal therapy and relaxation.  Then, in February of 2017, HOTWORX introduced the first ever 24 hour infrared fitness studio.  This concept uses patent pending saunas designed for customers to practice forms of isometrics including yoga and pilates, and HIIT training utilizing a workout temperature of 125º F.  The HOTWORX workouts are shorter because good results can be obtained more quickly with the incorporation of heat and infrared energy into the workouts.  The isometric workouts are 30 minutes and the HIIT workouts are 15 minutes.

Infrared for fitness is changing the way that people workout and is beginning to make a serious statement throughout the industry too, in the same way that suspension training and bands have done.  As a testament to this, the HOTWORX franchise concept is now growing at a faster rate during its first 18 months than other well known 1000+ location fitness concepts did in their first 18 months.

Infrared training, for all of its benefits and especially for the recovery and healing aspects, is becoming another essential tool for trainers to accelerate results for their clients. 

Nowadays, customers are investing more into their fitness programs by becoming members of multiple clubs and studios.  With that in mind, I would encourage members of other fitness centers to add to their fitness experience by joining HOTWORX for infrared training.  Infrared training can be an amazing supplement to any fitness program for recovery, or as a new way to incorporate cross-training for workout diversity.

Infrared is a market mover and a fitness industry game changer.

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of the HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
Certified Professional Trainer