Health Benefits of Hot Infrared Yoga

Posted April 22, 2019

Yoga is a workout type, a discipline for sure, but there are no rules in yoga. There are many many styles and methods. The different forms of yoga and the combinations of yoga posture sequencing, or flows are unlimited. Yoga is left to the imagination of those who practice the ancient form of fitness.

There is a style of yoga to match any goal or need of the client.

There are methods of yoga that require a 90 minute posture sequence, and some are choreographed to 60 minutes or 30 minute sessions. Some yoga styles are practiced within air-conditioned studios, some outdoor, others heat the environment to 90ºF or up to 104ºF as in Bikram.

Many now like it even hotter…

Enter HOTWORX Yoga, where sessions are performed in an infrared environment at 125º for a 30 minute posture sequence led by a virtual instructor.

In 2014, the HOTWORX organization pioneered the use of a new patent pending infrared sauna designed for isometric exercises such as yoga. Thus, the practice of yoga in a sauna was popularized.

HOTWORX uses a modified sun salutation flow as a warm-up and then a series of 14-16 postures are performed to complete a 30 minute session inside of a specially designed small group infrared workout sauna for three people.

The benefits of infrared yoga are numerous. The obvious advantages include accelerated sweating for detox and elevated challenge from more heat to speed up results for a shorter workout session.

Some of the benefits of infrared for yoga are listed below:
-greater muscle flexibility due to the added heat
-increased detox from the penetration of infrared energy through the skin at the cellular level
-shorter workout time to obtain the desired results
-muscle recovery while practicing yoga sequence due to infrared penetration and heat

Benefits of infrared, in general, include:
-boosted metabolism for greater calorie burn
-improved cardiovascular function from lowered blood pressure and better circulation
-pain relief
-stress relief
-reduces depression and anger
-lowers fatigue
-improves sleep
-improves digestion
-skin purification
-reduces effects of SAD
-faster wound healing and reduced scarring
-strengthened immune system
-greater production of heat shock proteins for improved strength gains

I would highly recommend hot infrared yoga for those who desire to get the most health benefit and results from their practice in the shortest amount of time!

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
Certified Professional Trainer