Find Your Inner Warrior and Ignite with Infrared Fitness

Posted February 3, 2020

All of us, male and female alike have a spirit within that can help us to do extraordinary things. This “inner warrior” can power each of us to overcome obstacles in life as we battle for achievement.

Everyone has an inner warrior, a power within just waiting to be unleashed.

Buddha once said that one who conquers self is greater than one who conquers a thousand soldiers in battle! Your inner warrior can help you win the battle for your “self”. It is the part of us that creates the will to achieve. Some people know this desire to win and never give us as the fighting spirit.

Truth is, we all have a fascination with this inner warrior.  The difference between those who achieve positive results and those who do not is how often they access this part of who we are. Negative people turn a blind eye to this and retreat when facing obstacles. Positive people find the power to go around, over, or through them.

We all love to talk about ourselves when we step outside of our comfort zone for a great workout. You know it’s true. This is why health club members love to shout about the great sweat they got from a killer workout. Don’t believe it? Just check your social media and scan the number of posts you find with a reference to satisfaction from a good workout. Fitness is about positivity. We are all looking for a reason to share our inner warrior experiences. A great workout is a good reason.

People can always do more than they think they can. One objective in fitness is to find a way to continually access that inner warrior.  Your warrior spirit can connect you to a force that you may not know you have. The inner warrior can show you how to push beyond any limitations that might be preventing you from accomplishing your goals. Find it!

At HOTWORX we have a slogan, “DISCOVER YOUR INNER WARRIOR.”  Motivation is serious business in fitness, and our job as trainers is to help clients find the courage and the will within to do more than they think they can during every workout. 

In the Art of War, Sun Tzu says, “Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a Warrior.”

Discover your inner warrior and you will access your courage.  The more you access it, the harder you will train. Know your inner warrior!

Nothing is more important than results for customers. As fitness professionals, we must acknowledge that they want results above all else. When we communicate to potential new members, and members alike, we should find ways to appeal to the inner warrior fascination that all of them have, whether they know it or not. This is the first step in the effort to deliver the fitness results that they want.

People want to unleash their warrior spirit as a means to improve their lives, and they might need a little push so they can recognize that the power within is there.  Fitness programs should be designed to help customers discover their inner warrior.

At HOTWORX, our goal is to give members an experience that is outside of their comfort zone and exciting enough to please their warrior within!

Every person who has joined a gym, or studio, for the very first time is looking for transformation in the way they look and the way they feel as a path to a higher level of self confidence. New studio members are looking for a fitness breakthrough, and transformation can happen when they tap into the power of their inner warrior. Great fitness programs are designed to facilitate this potential. 

When she is looking for the right gym, she thinks about how cool it would be to join a challenging program in a positive environment. The warrior spirit can motivate her to take the first step. Show her RESULTS and she will brag about the great workouts.  Satisfy her inner warrior and watch the five star reviews multiply!

As fitness professionals, we need to deliver programs that give members the opportunity to stroke their inner warrior fascination. If you think it, you will do it.  Surround yourself with warrior slogans and positive people so as to feed your thoughts.

Train outside of your comfort zone to feed the warrior. Ignite your workouts with hot exercise. HOTWORX Isometrics, HIIT, and 125 degrees of infrared heat is one sure way to do just that!

Discover your inner warrior!

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
Certified Professional Trainer