Posted March 24, 2016

*Editor’s Note: Hot Box Detox is now HOTWORX


The Hot Box Detox team just concluded its first IHRSA (North America’s Largest Fitness Industry Trade Show) yesterday with an incredible response from the industry that will require a great follow up effort to ensure that all of the club, gym and spa owners receive their new HBX units very soon. Hot Box Detox is quickly gaining coast-to-coast recognition and installations are now scheduled as far north as Alaska, and internationally to the countries of Poland, Panama and Saudi Arabia!

As I was thinking about the after show work that needs to be done with all of the new HBX owners from IHRSA, it reminded me of the after-burn effect from a good workout. I’m always thinking about how to get great workouts. I suppose that just about anything can make my mind circle back to that topic, LOL.

One really awesome thing about the Hot Box Detox workouts is the after-burn. What I mean by the after-burn is this. When you finish a good isometric session in 120-125 degrees infrared environment, you continue to burn calories at an accelerated rate as your body recovers from the workout as it cools down from the heat. The more intensity you have with the workout, the higher your level of after-burn!

Of course, working out with infrared heat really amps up your metabolism. Try measuring the afterburner with your Fitbit or Apple Watch following your HBX session. You will be surprised how many calories you continue to burn after the workout.

Why does this happen?

According to, “Intense physical activity creates an oxygen deficit. The after-burn effect, also known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, occurs when your body continues to burn calories after you exercise to replenish oxygen stores in the muscles while you are recovering. This process increases your metabolism, which is also marked by an increase in blood flow, as your body regulates its temperature back to a pre-exercise state. The more intensely you work out, the longer your body takes to recover.”

Incorporate the Hot Box Detox into your fitness program and begin to benefit from the AFTER-BURN!

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
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