Think “Inside” the (Infrared) Box

Posted May 20, 2019

I would submit to you that conventional thinking will never out discover unconventional thinking.  We have all heard the expression, “think outside the box”.  Unconventional thinking is an out of bounds practice and requires the courage to allow the mind to explore.  You Imagine better things, and then you think hard to create a path to those things. 

The necessity to forge that path, and the appropriate level of action will then lead to discovery of a more effective way to do anything!

What about fitness?  No exception here.

Unconventional thinking led to the discovery of a better way to workout.  In the case of this blog topic, let’s think about more workout in less time through the use of an infrared sauna.

Results from training inside of an infrared sauna are far superior to the results of a traditional weight room workout, especially when time is factored in.

Thinking “outside” of the box led to a better way of working out “inside” of a box.  The premise was this propositional question…

Why workout in an air-conditioned room freezing out the performance of your muscles when you could train in a high-performance environment with at least 3x the results?

Here’s the 3x.

1. With an infrared sauna workout you get the advantage of accelerated sweating and detox.  Studies have shown that sweat from an infrared workout has seven times more toxic bodily waste than sweat generated from a traditional workout environment.

2. With an infrared sauna workout your heart rate will reach the optimal range much sooner than with a traditional gym.

3. Infrared energy penetrates the skin up to 1.5 inches into the body during an infrared workout activating cells and increasing the rate of metabolism.  No traditional weight room can generate that performance result.

Of course, there are many many other benefits to training in an infrared environment that create better workout results.  I only listed three.  Just google around the net and look into the research.  Better yet, go ahead and try an infrared workout for yourself to see how you feel after.  Start thinking “inside the infrared box” for your fitness.  I know that you will be impressed with your results.

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of the HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
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