The Rolling 90 Day Infrared Fitness Challenge

Posted November 11, 2019

There are hundreds of fitness apps in the marketplace but there is only one app that is dedicated to infrared sauna training available 24/7 and that is the Burn Off App from HOTWORX.  The HOTWORX Burn Off App was designed to keep clients on a rolling 90 day infrared fitness challenge.  When a new member joins a HOTWORX studio and begins to use the Burn Off App, they start their first 90 day challenge and every 90 days thereafter the challenge resets.

The member is motivated to achieve higher levels of fitness during the 90 day infrared fitness challenge by watching the most important fitness metric of all which is the number of calories burned during each workout and during the one hour after-burn following the workout.  This metric is measured by watching the calorie burn bar rise from a level one through level six meter.  This meter allows Burn Off App users to literally raise the bar of workout performance.

The level 6 target can be obtained if a client remains consistent with 5 intense infrared workouts per week.  Level 6 requires a 27,000 calorie burn in 90 days.  If you do the math you will see that 60 workouts with a 250 workout calorie burn and a 200 after-burn is what it takes to get to the 27k number in 90 days.  If the training sessions are more intense and therefore require more calories to be burned, then the level 6 can be achieved with fewer workouts.  For example, if a Burn Off App user averages a 300 workout calorie burn with a 250 after-burn they can get to the goal with 50 workouts.  The 60 workout scenario would require 5 workouts per week.  The 50 workout scenario would require 4 workouts per week with a 5th workout every 4th week.

Good habits take 90 days to create!  If you want to create a habit of health, then find a good fitness app and give infrared a try.  An infrared workout environment will immediately increase your workout intensity getting you to your target workout heart rate faster and to a higher rate of calorie burn.  The HOTWORX Burn Off App is perfect to keep you on track in rolling 90 day measurement intervals.  Make a practice of always being involved in a 90 Day fitness challenge.  When you crush your goals in your current 90 Day Infrared Fitness Challenge you can look forward to the next 90 days and to outperform your last challenge.

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
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