What Does Skiing, Yoga and Surfing Have in Common with an Infrared Sauna?

Posted April 17, 2018

Before I explain what snow skiing, yoga and surfing have in common with an infrared sauna, let me point out what they have in common with each other.

The obvious commonality is that they are all forms of physical movement.  Skiing and surfing are more sports oriented than yoga, but they all require physical balance and form. 

Each of these activities requires discipline to perfect.  Each of these disciplines can benefit from each other.  Without a doubt, performing one of the activities can improve your skills with either of the other activities.

I am an avid snow skier and I practice hot yoga.  I always see the benefits that they contribute to each other.  What about surfing, though?  I had yet to experience surfing until this past weekend.  Throughout my whole life I dreamed of surfing, so I finally planned the trip.  We went to Laguna Beach, California where I hired Ryan, a top notch instructor, to teach myself and my fiancée how to surf.  I was curious to see if my skiing and yoga experience could somehow translate to benefit my first attempt at surfing. 

Well, all of the planks, cobras and downward dogs really helped me to jump up on the surf board!   And, when I would cut the board to the right or the left, I instinctively borrowed from my skiing experience. 

Now that I had added surfing to my list of workouts, I wondered, what was the one thing that most related them to one another?

What was the greatest commonality between the three activities? 


Coordination of all body parts in the effort to ski down a mountain, hold an eagle pose, or ride a wave requires good balance.  Ability to balance is the most important fitness skill that ties them all together.  Balance can be improved with the right training.

Which brings me to the infrared sauna. 

What does an infrared sauna have in common with skiing, yoga and surfing?  How does it relate to all three?  Well, it can be the one tool that dramatically increases performance for anyone who practices one, two, or all three of the disciplines.

Using an infrared sauna as a workout tool for isometric forms of exercise can greatly enhance physical balance and coordination through isometrics.  When working out in an infrared sauna your body warms up for exercise much faster and readies itself for postures with greater flexibility and provides more opportunity for accelerated balance training.  Strength is gained more rapidly as your body is forced to acclimate to the heat.  When you are stronger, achieving balance is easier.

Combining all of the activities can be fun and it can compound to advance your level of balance higher than you might have ever thought possible.  Yoga can be one of the most beneficial workouts of all to use in the infrared sauna as you seek to improve balance.  Infrared yoga can be foundational to your other activities.  From that foundation, even greater levels of balance can be achieved through snow skiing and surfing!

HOTWORX offers eight different versions of isometric workouts that will greatly improve your balance.  These 30 minute workouts at 125º F include yoga, pilates, and other specialty hybrid workouts that are focused on various body parts.

Skyrocket your balance through infrared isometrics and watch performance jump for all of your other activities too!!!


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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of the HOTWORX
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