The HOTWORX workout mats and towels were designed to withstand the heat environment and are required for the safety and effectiveness of the workouts we offer. The 7’ x 9’ footprint comfortably fits three people using our branded workout mats and towels.  We also have several additional products available, all designed to help you achieve your beauty, wellness, and fitness goals.

Yoga Mat This toxic free yoga mat is infused with natural Hemp fibers. It is light- weight and durable to withstand the heat inside of the HOTWORX.

Towel This eco-friendly towel is a microfiber material that absorbs all perspiration. When used on top of the HOTWORX mat, the silica gel particles help to prevent slippage.

Core Compressor This neoprene waistband is used to elevate body core temperature for increased sweat. It can also be used to compress internal organs to help release toxins.

Sauna Suit This reusable sauna suit is PVC free. It traps in body heat to increase perspiration and calories burned.

Wyx Spa Sprays These intoxicating Spa Sprays are a blend of natural and essential oils. Use before, during and after to enhance any yoga/workout session, while creating a mind-body connection. They are also great to freshen up any home or office space.

Footies These cotton footies have a 5-toe design to spread your toes for improved posture and balance. They may also strengthen foot muscles and increase circulation. The silica gel particles on the bottom of the sock help create a non-slip surface.