Stephen P. Smith

Stephen P. Smith CEO & HWX CREATOR

In late July of 2014 myself and a group of my best friends that I work with took a vacation to Negril, Jamaica for five awesome days of sun and cliff jumping into the beautiful blue waters of Western Jamaica. On one of those days I found myself in a discussion about fitness with Jerome Price, a great friend for the past 25 years and the husband of my business partner Nancy who was on the trip as well. Jerome is a retired high school biology teacher, former competitive bodybuilder and holds a masters degree in exercise physiology. I am a certified trainer, former bodybuilder and arena football player. So, needless to say, we found ourselves in deep fitness, athletic and wellness conversations. After a few rum drinks, one of those conversations turned to how effective infrared saunas are for workout recovery. We then began to discuss hot yoga. I had been involved in Bikram classes and I remember talking about the benefits of hot yoga and about the fact that it was great but that it took too much time for a business executive, 90-minutes out of my day (one of the reasons for simple and quick 30 min HWX program). Then, out of nowhere Jerome said, “people should do yoga in a sauna”. Eureka!!! I told Jerome, “that is a great idea”! Then I said that when I get back to New Orleans I was going to design an infrared sauna for isometrics with a small group…and in that moment an invention was born. HOTWORX is now patented!