HOTWORX Helps to Heal at Wounded Warrior Retreat Center

HOTWORX recently announced a philanthropic partnership with Sacred Mountain Retreat Center (SMRC), a non-profit center located near Deadwood in the Black Hills that brings our military, first responders, and their families to South Dakota for a time of respite and healing. Senior Vice President, Nancy Price, Executive Marketing Director, Kasie Banks, and HOTWORX Franchisee, Jarod Guier, recently traveled to South Dakota and joined the SMRC Board of Directors for the ribbon cutting ceremony of their new workout facility. To support their mission of creating avenues for forward movement with new and reinvigorated paths to healing and re-established positive life building endeavors, HOTWORX donated two of their patent-pending infrared workout saunas.

“Our relationship with HOTWORX has truly been a blessing. Having two of their infrared saunas available in our new workout facility allows veterans the opportunity to workout, cycle, or simply sit still and relax, while also experiencing the many healing and detoxification benefits. It’s hard to describe just how valuable HOTWORX will be in continuing to help SMRC prepare our warriors for a successful transition back into their every day lives.” –Jerrid Geving, CEO and Founder of Sacred Mountain Retreat Center

HOTWORX also recruited some of the franchise’s Approved Vendors and would like to thank them for their gracious contributions. Core Health and Fitness donated two Schwinn indoor cycling bikes and Cinemation Design provided gym flooring for the new workout facility. The partnership between Sacred Mountain Retreat Center and HOTWORX will allow guests of the center to experience the physical and spiritual benefits of infrared heat absorption for many years to come. Join us in celebrating Memorial Day by extending a kind word of gratitude or even a warm hug to let our United States veterans know how much we appreciate their bravery and selflessness.

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Released May 24, 2019