HOTWORX is known for its unique workouts and this week we’re introducing a brand new Isometric session…Hot Barre None! Using the sauna wall as a workout tool instead of a traditional barre, Tori, a fan-favorite Virtual Instructor, will guide you through 30 minutes of intense postures and slow dynamic reps such as First Position Plié, Second Position Plié, and Side Glute Raise, to name a few. The postures were selected to help improve poise, posture, strength, and balance. You’ll discover muscles that you do not know you have with this Hot Barre None session, while you detox from the infrared energy and heat environment.

We can’t wait for you to experience this one-of-a-kind infrared workout and it’s been difficult keeping this one a secret while going through the process of filming, editing, and testing! We recently hosted our annual franchise convention and offered Hot Barre None for testing. Here’s a few of the feedback responses we received from convention attendees after their first Hot Barre None session:

“This workout challenged all my muscles but in a more intense way then regular Isometric sessions because you hold and pulse!”

“No barre was tough, but does not allow for relief on legs so makes it more difficult.”

“This is the best Isometric session I have ever done!!! I am in love with it and can’t wait to get in at our studio!!”

Make plans to set aside 30-minutes this week to experience Hot Barre None and let us know what you think!

Released August 26, 2019