The HOTWORX app is exclusive to members of HOTWORX studio & Planet Beach and is available for download on the iTunes and Google Play stores. This multi-functional app allows members to begin any one of our isometric or HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts. Depending on the type session you’re about to begin, the app will start either a 45-minute timer (for isometric workouts) or 15-minute timer (for HIIT workouts). Throughout the workouts, the HOTWORX app will read calories directly from your Apple Watch or FitBit fitness tracker. Once you’ve completed your workout, the app will begin a 1-hour timer to track the total calories that you’ve burned for the full hour after you’ve finished your workout.

Earn rewards by burning as many calories as you can! The HOTWORX app allows you to track your progress daily and challenge yourself to burn as many calories as possible every 90 days. The more calories you burn, the more rewards you’ll unlock. There are 6 levels of rewards that can be unlocked. These rewards can be redeemed towards discounts at your local HOTWORX studio or Planet Beach location.

The global leaderboard displays all users, worldwide, and their total calories burned for the year’s burn-off challenge. The top 3 leaders are our Gold, Silver and Bronze placeholders. These users have burned the most calories this year to date. The Gold trophy holder receives a special reward and is recognized during our company’s convention, which is hosted annually in July. The local leaderboard displays only users who are members at the same facility.

Users can quickly and easily book their HOTWORX appointments online through the HOTWORX app. Appointments can be booked up to 3 days in advance and the members can easily cancel or reschedule appointments as needed through the app.

Click here for a quick overview on how to use the HOTWORX app. Keep tracking those calories so that you can unlock rewards!

Released October 22, 2018