It’s the Quality of the Workout That Counts

Posted August 10, 2020

I’ve been working on a book based on the topic of hot exercise that will be released soon and the introduction section talks about the value of time. In the opening sentences my remarks are as follows:

“Time is perhaps the most valuable commodity we have in life. We might even go as far as to say all human advancement is the result of an effort to improve the quality of time.”

Working out takes time. If you believe, as I do that time is valuable, then why not seek to pack as much quality into the limited amount of time you have for fitness! Makes sense, and I don’t know anyone who would disagree with how important quality of time is for a workout.

How can we improve the quality of time for our workouts?

In retail there is a term we are all familiar with, BOGO. Buy one get one free is a tried and proven sales technique. It works because everyone wants to get more for the money that they spend on an item. This same logic can be applied to fitness and what can be obtained by a customer based on the time they have to spend on a workout.

At HOTWORX, giving customers more effectiveness with less time spent is of paramount importance. The HOTWORX workout method, known as 3D Training, is based on three dimensions experienced simultaneously, (1) Heat, (2) Infrared Energy, and (3) Exercise. This fusion of experiences ups the quality ante and makes for a very powerful workout yielding a massive calorie burn, super charged detox and increased anabolic strength gains for muscle tone and healthy bones.

As a CEO with many years of experience in franchising, I have come to realize that mission statements can become meaningless if not tied to the actual quality of the product. Many companies rely on a mission statement itself to somehow inspire people to be a part of a mission. The mission statement means nothing, though, if the company is not actually on a mission. I believe that a true company mission can only be realized through great products that provide immense satisfaction to the real heroes of a brand mission, its customers. This can only happen when a company maintains an absolute focus on creating products that give  more than what is bargained for. In fitness, customers should get more workout in less time, and this requires a higher level of workout quality.

We launched HOTWORX to provide a very high quality workout. Shortly after the launch, we realized that our customers were getting way more results in less time than that of traditional workouts. We wanted that to happen for our customers because we believe that time is the most valuable thing that they posses. The quality of the product, born out of the innovative 3D Training method, is what launched the company mission, not some esoteric rhetoric in a mission statement.

It was out of this focus on the value of the customer’s time that there then came a true, albeit, “de facto” mission statement for HOTWORX: MORE WORKOUT, LESS TIME™. I would probably call it more of a statement of quality, but the fact is the HOTWORX workout itself has inspired what I like to call the “Bold New Infrared Fitness Frontier”. And that new frontier propels the organization towards providing a higher quality of fitness, a “mission” if you will, to deliver a much better use of time for the customer’s benefit.

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
Certified Professional Trainer