Infrared Cross-Training for a Vacation Event

Posted December 10, 2018

Just left an incredible corporate retreat for HOTWORX in Punta Cana… 

So, as I’m sitting in the plane on my flight home, I pondered for a topic before I began typing and it dawned on me to share a fitness story about my trip.

On Saturday, the last full day of the vacation, myself and Jeremy Harwell (Jeremy is General Manager of the HOTWORX in Oxford, MS) took a surfing excursion.  I had planned for this excursion in my mind for several months prior to this day.

On our way from the resort to the beach Jeremy and I found ourselves in a tour van making acquaintance with a few new surfing friends from Poland and from Russia.  We all were very excited and knew that we were about to experience something amazing to kickstart the first part of a beautiful day in Punta Cana.  Upon arrival after exiting the van we literally stood in awe of how stunning the beach was, and how perfect the waves were for a group of novice surfers like ourselves. 

Soon enough we were in the water experiencing a tremendous amount of fun and fitness while catching wave after wave at the beautiful Macao Beach, one of the last public beaches in the Dominican Republic.  We were told by our guide that most of the beaches have now been bought up by the resorts. 

So we surfed for almost two hours non-stop.  We rode the waves and paddled back out over and over for the duration of our excursion time.  I think we were all trying to get in every possible wave, knowing that each of us would be headed back to our non-surfing home towns very soon. 

That being the case, the result for me from that rapid fire salt water workout was that I burned over a thousand calories as seen from my Fitbit pictured below…

I never felt winded or unprepared physically at any time.  My infrared cross-training was the key to non-stop surfing fun!!!

What’s the point of the story?

I’ve found that one of the best daily workout motivators is an “activity event” that is set to happen during an upcoming vacation.  The surfing story illustrates how well it works.

You should schedule a vacation event such as surfing, hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, running on a beach, or a yoga retreat.  Choose an activity event that you are most passionate about, then commit to it, and schedule it!  Plan an activity for a trip that requires some physical skill though, and then set out to improve your skills as you prepare for the trip.

When you plan for and commit to an activity during an upcoming vacation you will naturally experience a step up in the level of motivation for your vacation prep workouts.  This will force you to plan your weekly workouts in a way that will serve to improve your skills for the anticipated vacation activity.

You should always be preparing for the next event so that you will remain in an “activity ready” state of physical fitness.

Infrared cross-training at HOTWORX is an excellent option for those who are preparing for a vacation event and who want to obtain better strength, balance and flexibility for a physical activity type of excursion.  With the HOTWORX method of fitness, someone can train five days a week for two weeks and never do the same workout type twice!  For example, one could do Hot yoga on Monday, Hot Cycle on Tuesday, Hot Pilates on Wednesday, Hot Warrior on Thursday and Hot Row on Friday.  Beginning the next Monday they could do Hot ISO, then Hot Bands on Tuesday, Hot Buns on Wednesday, Hot Core with Hot Cycle on Thursday and then a combo of Hot Flex and Hot Row on Friday.

Each day during that two week run of workouts only requires a commitment of 30 minutes or 15 minutes depending on the type of workout.  The duration of the infrared workouts are shorter because of the effectiveness of the 125 degree heat and the penetration of infrared energy that stimulates the body at the cellular level.  The daily change-up of infrared workout types is a smart way to cross-train for any activity.  Your body will be more prepared to take the slopes this season because of it.  The mixing of the workout types will make you more agile and ready for unanticipated movements in response to the terrain when you are hiking or waves when surfing, for example.

As a 55 year old fitness fanatic, I can tell you that it feels good to be in shape for activities such as surfing and snow skiing with an edge from enhanced strength, flexibility and balance… and, frankly, staying in top shape for a vacation event is important, if for no other reason than just to have more fun!

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of the HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
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