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Posted September 26, 2016

How did heat get to here in fitness?

Heat is an ancient form of therapy. Sweat lodges and saunas have been around for centuries. Thousands of years ago the Greeks and Egyptians used various forms of heat therapy, including the sun, thermal baths, hot mud and caverns with volcanic heated air.

Exercise has been around since the ancient times as well. The Greeks believed that development of the body was equally important as developing the mind. The Greeks held the first Olympics…

Consider these two quotes from the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. “Sport is a preserver of health”…, “Give me the power to produce fever, and I will cure all disease.” Parmenides, 5th Century BC

So when did the combination of “sport,” or exercise and heat begin?

Some scholars trace the origin of hot yoga back to the Hindu panchagni tapas, a ritual in India known as the “fire sacrifice,” which was an ascetic practice to transcend suffering through intentional discomfort. In the western sports and fitness, our version of this ritual would probably cause us to proclaim something like, “no pain, no gain,” or “work through the pain!”

Moving into modern times, another important historical question is: When did heated workout studios begin?

“Bikram Choudhary is an Olympic champion in weight-lifting. In the 1960’s, he won Olympic Gold in his class. For personal health reasons, Bikram sequenced traditional Yoga poses in a very specific way, in order to promote the health and healing of the physical body and mind.” https://www.aurawellnesscenter.com/2011/04/29/the-origin-of-hot-yoga/

Bikram experimented with heat in yoga studios in Japan during the ‘70s where he noticed that students exerted themselves more when practicing yoga in the heat. In the Bikram studios of today, the rooms are heated to 104 degrees.

This brings us to the most modern form of hot exercise…

HOTWORX, the first ever fusion of infrared heat and isometrics that provides a 30 minute workout at 125 degrees. The HOTWORX workouts include a pure isometric workout, hot yoga, hot pilates and other specialty isometric workouts for the core, the butt and self myofacial release with foam rollers.

Evolve your club or spa to HOTWORX. It can be a game-changer for your fitness business!

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

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