Infrared Sauna Exposure and Breast Implants

Posted November 18, 2019

What are the risks, if any, associated with exposure to infrared heat and infrared energy for women who have breast implants?  First, let’s take a look at the two types of breast implants so that we can understand what is being exposed during an infrared session. There are two basic types of breast implants, Saline […]

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The Rolling 90 Day Infrared Fitness Challenge

Posted November 11, 2019

There are hundreds of fitness apps in the marketplace but there is only one app that is dedicated to infrared sauna training available 24/7 and that is the Burn Off App from HOTWORX.  The HOTWORX Burn Off App was designed to keep clients on a rolling 90 day infrared fitness challenge.  When a new member […]

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The Bold New Infrared Fitness Frontier

Posted November 4, 2019

In fitness new things are always being introduced to the marketplace. .  These new products and services range from exercise machines to supplements, workouts, apps, gadgets, etc.  Some of these things last but most disappear as fast as they are introduced.  We’ve all seen those “miracle” fitness gadgets on tv infomercials and home shopping networks.  […]

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Compression Gear + Infrared Training = Better Results

Posted October 28, 2019

Most of us are familiar with clothing that is designed to compress the body in some way.  How did this type of gear become such a necessary part of working out? Tights for dancers have been around for a long time.  Tights were invented by a French costume designer in the early 1800’s to upgrade […]

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Infrared Energy – The Third Dimension of Fitness

Posted October 21, 2019

I am sure that you’ve had a three dimensional experience from a visual standpoint.  Take movies for example.  Compare a really good 3D movie to a non-3D movie, or compare it to color movies from the last century, or go all the way back to black and white films.  Obviously, the movies have come a […]

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The 90 Day Infrared Fitness Challenge

Posted October 14, 2019

Three months!  Just three months to a new you.  No doubt you’ve heard this before.  Have you ever thought about why fitness brands promote the three month, 12 week, 90 Day Challenge? Last weeks blog topic was all about forming a good habit.  Think about the illustrative equation below: Habit + Time = Lifestyle Timing, […]

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Infrared Training…the Good Addiction

Posted October 7, 2019

I hear from people all the time who tell me they are addicted to HOTWORX.  I also see similar statements as a continuing theme in comments and posts on social media.  The positivity from this engagement is super uplifting!  I’ve read hundreds of comments about how good customers feel inside of the infrared sauna while […]

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Zero Impact Infrared Sauna Training

Posted September 29, 2019

The most effective way to workout in an infrared sauna is through the use of isometric and HIIT training methods and workout types.  Inside of a sauna the close proximities lends itself to isometrics as opposed to dynamic motion and more ballistic styles of training.  Professional trainers who design workout programs understand that there exists […]

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Get the Most From Your Infrared Workout Routine

Posted September 22, 2019

I would venture to say that most workout routines in America today end in a failure.  They fail due to poor results.  The individual will aspire to achieve the goal but becomes frustrated and falls off the workout wagon.  You gotta stay motivated, so there is that.  But sometimes motivation is lost due to an […]

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No Change in the Comfort Zone

Posted September 15, 2019

A professional fitness competitor once said to me that “there is no change inside the comfort zone.”  Indeed, that is the truth.  In fact if you are standing still in a comfort zone then you are actually moving backwards while others are passing you by.  In my opinion, the only “comfort zone” that is worthwhile […]

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Game Ready with Infrared Training

Posted September 9, 2019

Ahhh… Football season is here and a football game is a social event.  Most people want to look and feel their best at social events. I have written a couple of blog articles about the impact of upcoming vacations as motivational events for your workout program.  A planned vacation such as a trip to Tulum […]

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