Find Your Inner Warrior and Ignite with Infrared Fitness

Posted February 3, 2020

All of us, male and female alike have a spirit within that can help us to do extraordinary things. This “inner warrior” can power each of us to overcome obstacles in life as we battle for achievement. Everyone has an inner warrior, a power within just waiting to be unleashed. Buddha once said that one […]

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Infrared Workouts Elevate Your Immune System

Posted January 27, 2020

The immune system is your body’s ability to recognize and defend itself against infectious bacteria, organisms, viruses, and the development of disease. The lymph system consists of tissues that store white blood cells that are used for fighting disease within the body. The lymph nodes are the radar for the body, providing early detection when […]

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New Athletic Style Yoga in an Infrared Sauna

Posted January 20, 2020

No offense to Richard, but the days of Richard Simmons style workouts have long passed. In the modern world, customers want more than old school aerobics.  People want more out of the time they have for fitness. People want more and fitness professionals have responded with new and better workouts! Companies like HOTWORX have responded […]

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An Infrared Exercise Story

Posted January 13, 2020

As a former NPC National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion, I can tell you that paying attention to every training routine detail makes the difference between winning and losing the title. Even after an athletic career, paying attention to how you train for fitness can have a huge impact on your quality of life. Recently, I have […]

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Try Innovative Infrared Workouts this New Year

Posted January 6, 2020

As a 2020 resolution, you should join in on what I like to call the “Bold New Infrared Fitness Frontier”. Remember that nothing changes in the comfort zone! The original tagline for HOTWORX, that we still use, is “Beyond Hot Yoga”.  I remember one of our first trade show expos where we were showing the […]

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It’s Time to Get Motivated!

Posted December 30, 2019

Here we are again staring at another new year.  We need to reset as we are now about to roar into the 20’s of the 21st century.  Well, let’s hope to roar into the new decade, but we need motivation first. When is the last time you looked in the mirror and asked yourself, “What […]

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The Importance of Market Differentiation in a Fitness Franchise

Posted December 23, 2019

I would argue that the most important component of business marketing is uniqueness.  Of course there are many important aspects of marketing such as professional imagery and and ad production, but if the product is not memorable based on its uniqueness, then it will fail to gain sizable traction in the marketplace. Market differentiation happens […]

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The Infrared Bonfire Workout

Posted December 16, 2019

The practice of adding workout variety through cross-training is gaining in popularity. The reason is because cross-training accelerates performance. The real benefit from cross-training is the gains that come from the blended variety of workouts.  Some people take cross-training to another level by combining different workout types back-to-back during one workout session in a day, […]

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The Fitness Cycle of Success

Posted December 9, 2019

Motivation is fundamental to working out. Working out requires work and work requires motion. You have to get off the couch to do the work! You can always do more than you think you can do and now is the time to get yourself in motion! What is the thing that can stimulate you toward […]

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High Intensity Interval Training + Infrared Yields High Octane Fat Loss

Posted December 2, 2019

Have you ever wondered why high intensity interval training, aka HIIT, is so popular? HIIT requires greater usage of lipids as a fuel source.  Simply put, HIIT burns more fat! Lactic acid is produced during and following an intense workout interval.  This happens because blood flow cannot keep up with the oxygen transport needs for […]

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Infrared Sauna Training Wipes Out Holiday Stress

Posted November 25, 2019

The Holiday Season is here!  I’m sure there will be plenty of cheer, but there will also be more stress.  We all should make a promise to ourselves not to overindulge this year.  Of course, that is easier said than done.  But if we make a conscious effort then I am sure we can all […]

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