Vacation Motivation

Posted March 11, 2019

I have written about this before, but I will continue to write on this topic to remind myself and blog readers of the importance of this simple fitness strategy.  Vacations are the greatest motivators of all to get people moving towards a fitness objective.  I write this blog post today from Park City, Utah during […]

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Defeat SAD with Infrared

Posted March 4, 2019

I was recently asked by one of our employees in Chicago whether or not infrared exposure is good for treatment of seasonal affective disorder, aka SAD. “Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons — SAD begins and ends at about the same times every year. If you’re […]

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Infrared Training Method

Posted February 25, 2019

Product and service integrity is always of paramount importance no matter what industry.  I would argue that this is especially the case with the fitness industry.  Without the establishment of workout types and methods, workout chaos and schizophrenia ensues.  When new workout types and methods are created, it is then important for those to form […]

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Workout Progress is Measured Through Consistency

Posted February 18, 2019

There is an epidemic in the fitness industry today and it is a “plague” known as workout consistency ignorance! As the old saying goes, Ignorance is Bliss!  In fitness, though, it is not bliss.  It causes chaos. Of course, ignorance of what is right is simply a symptom of not enough education.  Fitness facility operators […]

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Infrared Workouts and Post Workout Energy Levels

Posted February 11, 2019

I hear it everywhere I go when I visit a new HOTWORX 24 Hour Infrared Fitness Studio… Customers tell me, ”I feel so good and so energized when I finish an infrared workout”.  Of course, finishing any type of workout, infrared or not, makes you feel good and gives a sense of accomplishment, but I […]

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The Hot Air of Hot Yoga

Posted February 3, 2019

Fitness Studio Air Quality matters, especially for hot yoga, pilates and other forms of hot exercise.  Most fitness centers that incorporate some form of heated studio into their fitness programming use traditional heating that is blown in by an HV/AC system.  This type of heating relies on the pumping of hot air into a room […]

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Innovation and Virtual Instructors Make Hot Yoga and More a 24-7 Reality

Posted January 27, 2019

The HOTWORX concept began with the idea that a sauna could be designed so that clients could experience hot yoga with infrared heat.  That 63 square foot sauna design was a success, but a by-product of that innovation was the realization that the HOTWORX sauna could be used in a setting that allowed for 24 […]

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Precision Infrared Outperforms Conventional Heat for Workouts

Posted January 21, 2019

CONVENTIONAL HEAT STUDIOS ARE LOUD AND THE AIR IS STUFFY Heated workouts in the form of hot yoga have been around for half a century and those hot yoga sessions have been almost exclusively delivered inside of studios heated with  conventional HV/AC equipment.  This type of environment is loud from the heater fans and stuffy […]

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Making Cardio Cool

Posted January 14, 2019

Let’s just cut the crap.  Doing cardio is hard, and it can turn into a dull, boring grind if you keep doing it the old school way.  That is, by working endless minutes on the treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike.  When I’m on the road I like to train at as many different gyms as […]

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HIIT Training with Infrared

Posted January 6, 2019

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, in normal outdoor climates or in air-conditioned indoor workout environments, when done properly is a very effective addition to any fitness routine.  However, when HIIT is combined with infrared energy and heat, the human body responds with a supercharge to its metabolism and with the extra advantage of accelerated […]

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Making the Fitness Dream Real in 2019

Posted January 2, 2019

It’s college football bowl season and time for the national championship, and it’s playoff time for the NFL.  Of course, the talk of who might win the Super Bowl is in the air as well.  The beginning of each new year is filled with championship spirit and discussions of what it takes to win. What […]

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