No Wasted Time

Posted June 13, 2016

Last week’s blog was all about no wasted space. This week it is about no wasted time. Time is just as important as space to a bricks and mortar business owner, especially a fitness business owner. Make every effort to maximize space and time with your business. Space + Exercise + Intensity + Time = […]

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No Wasted Space

Posted June 6, 2016

We created the HOTWORX hot exercise system for business owners to improve their bottom line by improving the waistline of their customers. HOTWORX (formerly Hot Box Detox) is a workout system based on “hot exercise,” a term that we coined right here on this blog. We use a patent pending infrared sauna system to service […]

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Posted June 1, 2016

Everything is in a name. The name of anything should reflect its true essence. Product naming is a problem solving exercise meant to discover a “title” through meaning with the highest level of creativity and originality. And, of course, the name should have a coolness factor. Therefore, we have made the decision to change the […]

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Posted May 24, 2016

Most hot yoga and hot pilates studios use traditional heating methods that simply heat up the air in the room. The original hot workout idea was to recreate the climate in India at around 104 degrees and 40% humidity. While this may be closer to the climate in India, it is not the best environment […]

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Posted May 14, 2016

Hyperthermic conditioning is a fancy way to describe the positive thing that happens to your body when you acclimate it to heat while working out in the Hot Box Detox sauna. Working out has its obvious benefits, but when combined with heat acclimation, wonderful fitness advantages begin to happen as your body adapts to the […]

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Posted May 9, 2016

One of the many benefits that can be obtained from hot exercise is massive calorie burn. How to lose weight is no secret. You lose weight when you burn off more calories than you consume. There are things that you can do to enhance the calorie burning process, however. A hot room temperature during exercise […]

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Hot Isometrics For Athletes

Posted April 28, 2016

Isometric postures performed with a proper sequence in an infrared heated environment makes for a great supplemental workout for athletes. And hands down, the best workout recovery comes from techniques used inside of an infrared sauna. Workout recovery is EVERYTHING to an elite athlete looking for a training edge over the competition! Elite athletes are […]

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Global Fitness Climate Change

Posted April 22, 2016

With the presidential election process in full swing, it makes me think about the burning issues of the day, like climate change, for instance. No matter what you think about it politically, for good or for bad, the planet is getting hotter. That being the case, we should all think about adapting to a new […]

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Introducing Hot Buns And Hot Roll!

Posted April 13, 2016

*Editor’s Note: Hot Box Detox is now HOTWORX I am happy to announce that we are now releasing two new HBX videos! These two are not just revisions of our original “Hot Iso” 14 posture full-body isometric workout. These videos open up two new workout categories for Hot Box Detox, one for laser focused glute […]

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Confusion About Muscle Confusion

Posted April 7, 2016

*Editor’s Note: Hot Box Detox is now HOTWORX The Hot Box Detox isometric/infrared fusion workout was inspired by Bikram Yoga. I used to practice Bikram and it is an awesome program if you have 90 minutes for it. Now I practice the 30 minute Hot Box Detox twice per week as a supplement to my […]

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Radiant Hot Workouts In Vegas!

Posted March 31, 2016

*Editor’s Note: Hot Box Detox is now HOTWORX

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