Burn More Fat with Fasted Infrared Training

Posted October 18, 2020

Fitness professionals hear a lot about fasted training these days.  How does it apply to infrared workouts? Let’s explore this. First, what is fasted training anyway? Simply put, it is training on an empty stomach. The easiest way to accomplish this is to discipline yourself to train in the morning without breakfast. Most trainers believe […]

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An Infrared Bonfire for Fitness

Posted October 12, 2020

There are those who train and there are those who train harder. This blog post is for those who train harder…those who want even more. Always remember that you get out what you put in! If you put more into your workouts, you will get more results from them. When we opened the very first […]

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Mind/Body Connection Through Infrared Fitness Consistency

Posted October 4, 2020

In last week’s blog article I touched on the importance of consistent training to achieve a mind/body connection for a higher level of fitness results. This week let’s delve into the world of mental focus for body results. As you read through this post, keep in mind that training in a heated, infrared energy environment […]

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Infrared Fitness: Evolution Through Consistency

Posted September 28, 2020

There is some confusion in fitness these days with respect to the importance of workout consistency and how it should be applied. Some trainers are promoting a “change your workout every time you come in the gym” mentality which creates an unacceptable vulnerability for risk of injury to the client. This is an undisciplined, even […]

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Did You Know This About Infrared?

Posted September 21, 2020

Infrared is electromagnetic energy and a form of radiation found in the invisible area of the light spectrum. We know that infrared energy penetrates the human body up to 1.5 inches experienced as a subtle warmth of radiant heat to the body. The wavelength of infrared is longer than visible light and more easily absorbed […]

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Soaring Results for this Infrared Fitness Franchise During COVID

Posted September 13, 2020

The HOTWORX 24 Hour Infrared Fitness Studio franchise chain has become uniquely positioned to benefit from its concept in response to customer needs during the pandemic. The ability for the brand to adapt its workout appointment technology for social distancing has been a real fitness advantage for studio members. According to the needs of each […]

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The Infrared “Recovery Workout”

Posted September 7, 2020

It is safe to say that you probably have never seen or read about a workout that is described as a “recovery workout”. Rather, it is more likely that you have heard those words used individually such as “recovery” from a “workout”. The conventional wisdom would say that you need to recover from a tough […]

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Smart, Disciplined Infrared Fitness Training

Posted August 31, 2020

Fitness and discipline go hand in hand. You can’t experience a successful training program without discipline. If you are not willing to commit to discipline, then you will fail in your attempt to transform yourself into a person who lives with an active and fit lifestyle. Discipline can be easier than you think, though, and […]

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Infrared Sauna Workouts for Calorie Burn and Weight Loss

Posted August 24, 2020

Most people launch a calorie-burn mission to lose fat and drop weight. As a general rule, it takes a 3,500-calorie burn to lose a pound of body weight—which sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? No need to worry, this can be accomplished with just four HOTWORX® sessions because the average person burns 250–450 calories during […]

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Infrared Sauna Heat Shock Improves Immunity

Posted August 16, 2020

In my research for the blog this week I came across a very interesting article published in June of 2016 in the medical journal Frontiers in Microbiology. The article summarizes the findings of a study conducted with the use of mice exposed to a deadly strain of influenza, the Avian Virus H5N1. This flu strain […]

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It’s the Quality of the Workout That Counts

Posted August 10, 2020

I’ve been working on a book based on the topic of hot exercise that will be released soon and the introduction section talks about the value of time. In the opening sentences my remarks are as follows: “Time is perhaps the most valuable commodity we have in life. We might even go as far as […]

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