An Iron Will Can Help You Break Through

Posted May 18, 2020

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way!

You’ve heard that saying all of your life, but do you act upon it?

The Coronavirus Disease 2019, AKA COVID-19, has been and remains to be a terrible illness that disrupts our lives with death and economic turmoil.  We are going through it together as a world. With a collective will we can bounce back together too. 

As we bounce back, though, like anything else in life, there will be those who choose to remain positive and motivated, and there will be those who do not. Positive people find the discipline and the will to stay on the right path. My message to you today with this blog post is one of the importance of WILL. Strong will is a vital component to have on the road to a comeback.

But, what is will?

Will is desire, and the power that comes with self control over emotions and actions. Have you heard the expression “iron will”? Will is what gets you one more rep, better form for a plank, more endurance, mental toughness, and one more sale in business. Will can get you through a tough workout even when a mask is necessary.

How about this?  Have you ever had a coach tell you that the difference between winning and losing is WILL?  In business we call it the WILL TO SUCCEED! Champions maintain a positive mental attitude and an insane desire, or will to win.

Another way to look at is, in the words of a former colleague of mine, “How big is your want to!?” How much do you want to emerge from COVID-19 with a new attitude and a higher altitude?  I have already seen a few people who have chosen to give up and who have gone the route of blame and negativity.  It’s unfortunate, but it is a choice they made.  And, to be clear, it is a choice to be a winner…. no doubt about that!

I have to say, however, that I have seen a tremendous number of people within our franchise organization, the vast majority actually, who have chosen to work hard and stay positive throughout the quarantine. Those individuals, including: customers, franchise owners and staff members, are now emerging with tremendous personal and business momentum based on their choice to power through a crisis with an iron will.

How big is your will to get through the tough times, and emerge better than ever?

Cultivate your will.

Remember that you’re not just born with willpower, though.  You have to develop will and sear it into your psyche. Wake up every morning, make your bed immediately, and leap into action armed with the power of will. Developing a strong will requires daily decisiveness, and, as General Patton would say, “violent execution” on the path to achievement of your goals. The iron will to get things done is incredibly powerful. Iron is the action, and will is desire. Practice daily. If you fall down, will yourself to get back up.

Summon your inner warrior now and choose to have an IRON WILL TO SUCCEED!!

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Stephen P. Smith, MA

CEO and Creator of HOTWORX
Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player
Certified Professional Trainer