The patent-pending HOTWORX unit was designed as a 63 square foot, modular infrared sauna to allow for 30-minute, small group, hot exercise sessions. The screen inside the unit is equipped with our proprietary software and delivers a variety of virtually instructed workout videos.


30 Minutes, Up to 3 Users per Session
  • HOT ISO– Isometric Compression Postures
  • HOT PILATES– Traditional Pilates
  • HOT YOGA– Traditional Yoga
  • HOT BUNS– Focus on the Glutes
  • HOT ROLL- Self-Myofascial Release with a Foam Roller
  • HOT CORE– Abs, Hips, and Lower Back
  • HOT WARRIOR- Advanced Version of Hot Iso
  • HOT ZEN– Meditate Your Way


15 Minutes, High Intensity Interval Training
  • HOT CYCLE– HIIT Cycle Session (Up to 3 Users per Session)
  • HOT ROW– HIIT Row + Chest and Leg Press (Up to 2 Users per Session)